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Sac Kargo Niviuk
Niviuk Kargo Bag

150 ou 200 L With the most special backpack in the Kargo range, you have all the space you need f...

100,00 €

85,00 €

Niviuk Sac Kargo Expe
Niviuk Kargo Bag Expe

Two sizes available: 40 L (+10 L) or 75 L (+15 L) The Kargo Expe is a lightweight, durable a...

145,00 €

123,25 €

Sac Niviuk Kargo P 25
Niviuk Kargo Bag P 25

25 L Lightweight, compact and easy to carry, the new Niviuk Running bag surprises and delights al...

60,00 €

51,00 €

Sac Kolibag Niviuk test
Niviuk Kolibag

180 L The Koli Bag is an ultra-fast folding bag that can be taken everywhere like a backpack. An...

115,00 €

97,75 €

Sac Kolipro Niviuk pliage
Niviuk Kolipro Bag

200 L Designed for the professional tandem pilot, this bag takes the concept of ultra-fast packin...

165,00 €

140,25 €

Sac NKare Bag Niviuk
Niviuk NKare Bag

3 sizes available: 230 cm - 255 cm - 280 cm Optimal maintenance is essential to keep your wing in...

85,00 €

72,25 €

Sac trek petit Supair
Supair Trek Bag

Available in 4 sizes: 90 L - 110 L - 130 L - 160 L Large, ergonomic and versatile, the TREK bag c...

170,00 €

144,50 €

Sac Trek Light Supair
Supair Trek Light Bag

80 L Very light (350 g) and ergonomic, the Trek Light bag is completely dedicated to walking and...

200,00 €

170,00 €

Supair Sac Compact Case
Supair Compact Case Bag

Available in 2 sizes: S or L The Compact Case allows you to easily fold a sail into an accordion...

95,00 €

80,75 €

Supair Sac Storage Solo
Supair Storage Solo Bag

Quick bag, tote type. Ideal for storing a corolla glider very easily. Quick to use.

75,00 €

63,75 €

Airdesign Comfort Bag
Airdesign Comfort Bag

Available in 3 sizes: 100 - 130 - 160 L Practical, flexible, strong and comfortable. The new Comf...

132,00 €

112,20 €

Airdesign Day Bag
Airdesign Day Bag

18 L The DayBag is an ultra-lightweight bag weighing only 80g. From the top of its 18L, you will...

26,40 €

22,44 €