Connecteur IKS 3000 Dyneema Niviuk
Niviuk IKS 3000 Connector Dyneema

The IKS 3000 is designed to connect the risers and/or rescue parachute to the harness. Its design an...

10,00 €

8,50 €

Connecteur IKS 1000 Dyneema Niviuk
Niviuk IKS 1000 Dyneema connector

The IKS 1000 is designed and dimensioned to connect the risers to the lines.

9,00 €

7,65 €

Connect Dyneema light Supair
Supair Connect Dyneema light

Ultra-lightweight harness-lift connector. Exceptional strength to weight ratio.

13,00 €

11,05 €

Soft Links Kortel
Kortel Soft Links

Unit Ultra-light flexible connector (10g per pair), it is ideal for all types of connections that...

29,00 €

26,10 €

T-Bone Links Kortel
Kortel T-Bone Links

Unit All the advantages of the flexible connector (strength, lightness, multi-axial working, long...

30,00 €

27,00 €

Charly Crocs fendus réglage rapide 2 mm
Charly Speed system hooks 2 mm

Adjustable speed system hooks. Finsterwalder‘s SPEED SYSTEM HOOKS have been developed especially...

3,00 €

SYSTEM HOOKS de Finsterwalder
Charly System hooks 2 mm

System hooks. Finsterwalder‘s SYSTEM HOOKS have been developed especially for paragliding. They s...

3,00 €

Emérillon Niviuk
Niviuk Emerillon

One brake handle swivel

2,00 €