Accélérateur 2 barreaux light speedbag Supair
Supair 2-bar light speedbag accelerator

Lightweight double bar speed system to be integrated in a speedbag. This is the accelerator that com...

30,00 €

25,50 €

Supair 2-bar light accelerator

Double bar accelerator for ultra light harnesses. Developed for lightweight equipment, this accelera...

30,00 €

25,50 €

Accélérateur 2B standard Supair
Supair 2-bar accelerator

This accessory allows you to equip your harness to accelerate easily and comfortably thanks to its d...

30,00 €

25,50 €

Accélérateur 3 barreaux standard Supair
Supair 3-bar standard accelerator

The accelerator for cocoon harnesses and competition harnesses. It fits on the Skypper 2, Delight 3...

45,00 €

38,25 €

Accélérateur réglable Freespee Supair
Supair Freespee adjustable accelerator

In collaboration with paragliding accelerator specialist Freespee, this accelerator has a design tha...

60,00 €

51,00 €

BGD Speed bar

SPEED BAR with 2 hooks and a strong rope for easy installation. The angular position of the throt...

29,00 €

24,65 €

accelerateur ultra léger Airdesign
Airdesign Ultra light speedbar

Made with Dyneema 4 mm, two bars, delivered with small blockers to keep the speedbar in upper positi...

30,00 €

25,50 €