The Puy de Dôme : 

An emblematic flying site, the Puy de Dôme rises to 1465 m and offers incredible possibilities for a 360° take-off. Whatever the wind direction, you are sure to take off ! The various landing sites to the north, west and south allow you to land safely.

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puy de dôme paragliding

The Puy de Saint Sandoux :

From the top of its 848 m, the Puy de Saint Sandoux has two take-off zones facing East and North and an official landing. Easily accessible from the motorway, this site is perfect for first flights after school but also for cross country flying.

puy de saint sandoux paragliding

The Puy de Corent : 

This is the most protected site from the strong westerly winds, being only 600m high. It offers several take-off zones: in the South with a gentle slope and another in the North West. On this site you will discover the wave flight and the landing on the road because there is no official landing area if you make a dart.

puy de Corent paragliding

The Puy Saint Romain :

With its 780m of altitude and 430m of difference in altitude, the Puy de Saint Romain is an essential site in the Puy de Dôme. It allows take-offs from all directions except North East. The summit can be reached by vehicle and various landing sites are available.

puy de saint romain paragliding