Advanced paragliding course

Price : 750€

Duration : 5 days

The third Freedom level: the paragliding progression course

In the will to create a follow-up for our students, we have created a progression scale specific to Freedom which will allow you to know your level in paragliding, the different past, present and future stages in your practice and guide you in your progression and your choice to continue the courses with us.

It is important to understand that this scale is only a guideline of the "perfect path" in paragliding progression; that many will not necessarily respect it, since everyone has different sensations, learning preferences, and level of progression.

échelle niveau parapente freedom

Course's goal : Fly everywhere with serenity !

This course is designed for those who wish to continue their paragliding progression with instructors who will personally lead them towards more advanced exercises: exploitation of thermals, transient phases, active piloting, total autonomy in flight, flight plan, ... to reach longer flights and have even more fun with paragliding!

Personalized exercises, according to your level, with a precise follow-up of your progress since the beginning! The instructors are there for you.

All this at the foot of the Puy de Dôme, in Freedom!

Advanced course

Who is this course for?

This paragliding course is aimed at people who already have autonomy in flight, take-off and landing, who have an initial certificate or personal practice validating this level. It is also compulsory to have your own equipment. This course is made for people wishing to continue their progression towards even more advanced exercises: exploitation of thermals, transient phases, active piloting, total autonomy in flight, flight plan, ... (all theoretical and practical skills are developed below) Many points to see to acquire more technique and total autonomy in flight at the end of the course and perhaps validate the pilot's license at the end of the course.

Consult calendar and availability

5 days course : all season

Possible contents of an Advanced paragliding course :

  • Mastery of the different take-off techniques
  • All-terrain landings
  • Weather/aerological analysis
  • Exploitation of the ascendances ( use of vario )
  • Active Steering and Quick Descents

Depending on your level, the Perfectionnement Bleu course can allow you to validate your pilot's licence.

Details of the advanced paragliding course (Level 3 Freedom)

Theoretical content :

  • Aerology and advanced meteorology
  • Weather report
  • Flying techniques: accelerator, ears, collapses, use of alti/vario, turbulence
  • Landing techniques
  • Use of the rescue and packing

Practical content :

  • Autonomy on take-off in various conditions (back and front, variable slope, crosswind, ...)
  • Flight plan autonomy (before and during the flight)
  • Active piloting in flight (management of pendulum movements)
  • Autonomy for various landings
  • Exploitation of ascents
  • Controlling in case of closure
  • Accelerator, simple use
  • Fast descent
  • Adjust and maintain your equipment
  • Respect of priorities
  • Self-evaluation

In-flight exercises :

  • Exercises for active piloting
  • Exploiting lift
  • Accelerator with and without ears
  • Asymmetric ears
  • Back flying
  • Take-off rest
  • Canopy face
  • Slouching technique
  • Static back and front control
  • Back inflation