Take the plunge and sign up for a paragliding course with Freedom Parapente. Whether you want to learn to fly, improve your skills or discover new horizons, you won't be disappointed!


Before booking, please consult the Terms and Conditions.


To come on course :

To be at least 12 years old ! Provide parental permission for minors.

To participate in a course, you will subscribe on the first day a compulsory FFVL license / insurance.
Provide an additional cost of 55.5 € for the calendar year, or 36.5 € for the duration of the internship.
Before the first day of the course, you must also have a medical certificate of "no contraindication to the practice of paragliding":
- Valid for 3 years for 12-18 year olds and over 50s,
- Valid 6 years for 18-49 year olds

Your registration is validated upon receipt of a deposit check of 350€, to be sent by mail to:
Paragliding Freedom, 3 chemin de la Cave, Laschamps, 63122 St genes Champanelle
or by directly paying the deposit online via the registration link below:


Find all available places for paragliding courses at Puy de Dôme in the calendar! Places for courses go fast, especially at certain times of the year (holidays, bank holidays, summer, ...). Try to book in advance, as soon as possible to get the dates you want!