Preflight Phase 1: Preparing your paraglider

  • When I arrive I observe the direction of the wind
  • I start by putting on my helmet
  • Then I take out my harness
  • I put it down a few meters in the direction of the wind
  • I take my glider out of the bag by the lines and put it in a ball
  • I then put the bag in the back of the harness
  • I spread my wing facing the wind, making sure that no lines go over my leading edge
  • I lay it out in a horseshoe shape
preparer voile de parapente

Managing twist turns:

I eliminate twist turns by rotating my harness horizontally to separate my two riser bundles.

enlever tour de twist

Managing harness turns:

I start from my carabiner and work my way up to my fronts by putting the strap flat.

If the fronts are not free, there is a turn in the harness

Turn the risers in either direction to free the fronts and then apply the same direction of rotation to the harness

When I leave the carabiner I check that everything is flat to my leading edge and that my fronts are free

enlever tour de sellette

Check the keys:

To eliminate the keys: with one hand I comb my lines and with the other I release my brake halyard

The glider is now well prepared, I can go and sit in the harness.

peigne suspente parapente

Preflight Phase 2: Getting into the harness

Before settling in, move the harness backwards so as not to strain the line

Then check that the rescue parachute's needles and handle are securely attached

We put the harness on like a backpack and then we attach the leg straps, chest strap and chest strap in the same order

I then do my safety procedure by checking all my attachment points without forgetting my helmet

vérifier ses points d'attache

I move back a few steps

Starting from the link, I walk down the length of my riser to the brake to avoid possible turns

I untie my handle and then with my thumb I grab my front riser by passing between my leg and the riser

Check that the A's are in hand, that the B's and C's are resting on the front arms and that the brake lines are free.

vérifier les élévateurs en dos voile