Created in 2014, Freedom Parapente is a paragliding school approved by the FFVL. Its objective is to transmit the passion for paragliding through baptisms throughout the year over the Chaîne des Puys, but also and above all by training new pilots, thanks to quality teaching. Following a growing success, the school quickly scheduled 2 courses per week, equipped itself with a 2nd truck, and expanded its offer by proposing itinerant courses and "pilotage-Siv" courses in Annecy.

Ecole freedom parapente

Initially based in Orcines, the Freedom Parapente school finally moved in 2019 to the foot of the Puy de Dôme, in Laschamps, in the commune of Saint-Genès Champanelle. A magnificent brand new building was thus created, adjoining the Freedom Night gîte, which can accommodate 12 people. All of this is combined with an inflation and landing field allowing you to land directly at the house in the evening after the last flight.

The paragliding school of Le Puy de Dôme Freedom offers 6 different types of training courses, ranging from the initiation course and the first flight in autonomy to the SIV course in Annecy above the lake, as well as progression and improvement courses. The equipment, constantly renewed, allows you to learn in the best conditions of pleasure and safety. The Niviuk, Ozone, Woody Valley, Kortel and many other brands of equipment, at the top of innovation, delight both the trainees and the team of passionate instructors.

Elèves parapente au repos

Alternating theoretical courses on the functioning of paragliding, the study of aerology and meteorology as well as air regulations, and practical courses on the school slope and then on the flight site, paragliding training with Freedom is immersive and complete. But if at the end of the day you still want more, don't hesitate, our qualified instructors will be happy to clear up any doubt and answer any question you may have.

The school has a classroom on the ground floor, a large revision workshop upstairs and a catamaran net which greatly facilitates digestion on windy days!

Freedom Parapente school

The team of passionate instructors and their 2 vans will make you discover sites such as the Puy de Saint Sandoux, the Forez mountains or the Sancy massif. More locally in the Puy de Dôme, the panoramic train of the Dômes facilitates the rotations for a fast progression throughout the week.

The Freedom Paragliding School also prepares and passes the federal paragliding licences: initial licence, pilot's licence and confirmed pilot's licence. Divided into two parts: a theoretical examination and a practical test, these licences will allow you to validate your skills and your progress.

Little magic bonus: all the pilots of the Puy de Dôme meet at Freedom, every week, for a barbecue evening during which each one tells about his good flying moments, his route... Our students thus enter the world of free flight thanks to these great moments of encounters.

Freedom Parapente: quite simply the largest paragliding school in the Puy de Dôme and Auvergne, in a friendly spirit, for unforgettable moments.

Salle de cours de parapente
Inauguration école de parapente du Puy de Dôme
Atterrissage à l'école de parapente
Fin de stage parapente à l'école
Vue de l'école de parapente Freedom