Advanced itinerant paragliding course

Price : 750€

Duration : 5 days

The third Freedom level: the paragliding progression course

In the will to create a follow-up for our students, we have created a progression scale specific to Freedom which will allow you to know your level in paragliding, the different past, present and future stages in your practice and guide you in your progression and your choice to continue the courses with us.

It is important to understand that this scale is only a guideline of the "perfect path" in paragliding progression; that many will not necessarily respect it, since everyone has different sensations, learning preferences, and level of progression.

échelle niveau parapente freedom

Objective of the course: roaming for your progress!

You are autonomous in paragliding on your usual flying sites? 

Freedom Parapente will take you where it flies, to discover new horizons.

The choice of the place is made according to the season, the weather and your desires: Massif-Central, Alps, Southern Alps, etc...

The objective of this course is to make you work, through many personalized exercises, your piloting technique, your approach of flight; in spots of paragliding where you surely never flew. The aim is to give you autonomy and a better approach to flying in places you have never been before, so that you can fly safely in any place at the end of the course!


A course a little different from the others in bivouac mode!

The objective is to improve your paragliding skills in places where you have probably never flown before in France. When you arrive in Freedom on Monday morning, you will decide with the instructors and the other trainees, according to the weather, which places are the most favourable for paragliding in France, and you will leave directly by truck to discover these new sites!

To optimize the time of practice, no logistic constraints during this course (rent of hotels, campings, or others)! You bring everything you need for bivouac (tent, sleeping bag, ...), for your hygiene (clothes, toilet bag, ...), some food for the mornings, your paragliding equipment and you are ready to go on an adventure!

A week of training where you will be guided by the weather, where paragliding will be the priority for all, and where conviviality, sharing and communication will be the essential points.


Stage parapente itinérant Millau
Stage parapente itinérant montagne
Stage parapente itinérant bivouac
Stage parapente itinérant
Stage parapente itinérant

Who is this paragliding course for?

This course is aimed at people who are autonomous in flight with many hours of solo flights (with already a level 2 of Freedom: progression course) and who wish to discover new paragliding spots in France. The content of the course is almost identical to that of the advanced course. It allows you to discover new places, to learn to adapt to the difficulties, the characteristics, the environments, ... different according to the places.

Of course you have to be a real adventurer to go bivouacking for 5 days!

Having your own equipment is necessary for this course in order to progress with your equipment, which is important in paragliding!


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After the course?

You will leave this course with autonomy on any flight site. You can therefore choose to :

  • Fly independently and work on everything you have learned during the course to continue your solo progression and take advantage of this to discover many places in France and even in the world!
  • Do an advanced training course Pilotage-SIV (if you haven't done one yet) to work on new exercises in paragliding centred on piloting, acrobatics, ... to greatly improve your technique and work on the right gestures in case of problems in the air.

Advanced itinerant course

Details of the advanced paragliding course (Level 3 Freedom)

Theoretical content :

  • Aerology and advanced meteorology
  • Weather report
  • Flying techniques: accelerator, ears, collapses, use of alti/vario, turbulence
  • Landing techniques
  • Use of the rescue and packing

Practical content :

  • Autonomy on take-off in various conditions (back and front, variable slope, crosswind, ...)
  • Flight plan autonomy (before and during the flight)
  • Active piloting in flight (management of pendulum movements)
  • Autonomy for various landings
  • Exploitation of ascents
  • Controlling in case of closure
  • Accelerator, simple use
  • Fast descent
  • Adjust and maintain your equipment
  • Respect of priorities
  • Self-evaluation

In-flight exercises :

  • Exercises for active piloting
  • Exploiting lift
  • Accelerator with and without ears
  • Asymmetric ears
  • Back flying
  • Take-off rest
  • Canopy face
  • Slouching technique
  • Static back and front control
  • Back inflation