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parapente skin 3 p de Niviuk
Niviuk Skin 3 P

EN-B approval Walk and bivouac flight - High mountain For those who take walk and fly and para...

2 855,00 €

2 426,75 €

voile parapente niviuk skin 3
Niviuk Skin 3

EN-B approval Trekking - Bivouac flight | Mountain For hiking and flying in high mountains, th...

2 655,00 €

2 256,75 €

voile bi place Niviuk Takoo 5
Niviuk Takoo 5

EN-B approval Tandem A professional, safe, stable and extremely manoeuvrable tandem glider to...

4 710,00 €

4 003,50 €

voile Bi Skin 2 P Niviuk
Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P

EN-B approval Tandem The first ultra-light tandem glider for two people to fly together on hik...

3 830,00 €

3 255,50 €

Parachute de secours Niviuk Octagon 2
Niviuk Octagon 2

Maximum security is no longer a utopia - it has become a reality. With the new Octagon 2, the eventu...

715,00 €

607,75 €

Connecteur IKS 3000 Dyneema Niviuk
Niviuk IKS 3000 Connector Dyneema

The IKS 3000 is designed to connect the risers and/or rescue parachute to the harness. Its design an...

10,00 €

8,50 €

Parachute secours Niviuk Cires
Niviuk Cires

Round parachute The Cires is a classic rescue parachute (PDA), very functional and offering a goo...

540,00 €

459,00 €

Connecteur IKS 1000 Dyneema Niviuk
Niviuk IKS 1000 Dyneema connector

The IKS 1000 is designed and dimensioned to connect the risers to the lines.

9,00 €

7,65 €

Ecarteur biplace Y Souple Niviuk
Niviuk Flexible Y tandem spreader

Niviuk Tandem Spreaders

70,00 €

59,50 €

Niviuk Roller 2
Niviuk Roller 2

Speed flying The Roller 2 is a mini wing with a very extensive speed range. Specially designed for...

2 215,00 €

1 882,75 €

Artik 6 Niviuk
Niviuk Artik 6

EN-C approval Cross-country A glider with an impressive level of performance and accessibility...

4 925,00 €

4 186,25 €

Niviuk Airbag Roamer 2
Niviuk Airbag Roamer 2

Size: M For the Roamer 2 harness, Niviuk offers this airbag which can be easily installed or remo...

95,00 €

80,75 €

logo Niviuk Parapente

The adventure of the Niviuk brand began in 2005 when 6 experienced pilots decided to join forces to launch their own paragliding company. At the controls: 2 Frenchmen Dominique Cizeau and Pierre Bayon, 3 Spaniards with Calude Mena, Luis Pol and Raúl Rodríguez and the Swiss Olivier Nef.

Their objective? To take advantage of their unique experience to design and manufacture a new generation of paraglider combining maximum flying pleasure with irreproachable performance!


But why such a brand name?

You have to look to the far North and more particularly to the Inuit language to understand the meaning of the name Niviuk, or rather Niviuk Naktuk, which means "the desire to be sensitive to small things that inspire tenderness".

This is the way the 6 passionate pilots want to design their paragliders! Rigorous work, an omnipresent attention to detail and a maximum level of safety are the keys to the success of the Niviuk paraglider brand which continues to innovate year after year to the delight of free flight lovers.

Niviuk paraglider

The Niviuk signature? Attention to the smallest detail of the paraglider.

And between a head office based in Spain and a chief designer, Olivier Nef, and his team based in the Swiss Alps, it is clear that each year reveals new models of wings signed Niviuk, each one more interesting than the last.

The strength of Niviuk is also to be able to address all publics with accuracy and efficiency.

The Koyot 5 is a tolerant EN A glider which will accompany you from your first decorations to the mastery of free flight.

More experienced paragliders will then find their happiness with the Hook 6 , which replaces the popular Hook 5 and the Ikuma 3, respectively EN B and EN B+, which will give them better performance and more precision and responsiveness in terms of control.

Pilots looking for even better performance will turn to the Artik 6, an EN C glider designed for cross-country flying with a 6.3 aspect ratio flat aspect ratio and available in 22, 24, 26 and 28 m².

Competitors will choose the Peak 5 without hesitation, a high performance wing that will allow you to get the most out of every flight. Its aspect ratio of 6.95 and the numerous Niviuk technologies of the latest generation on board guarantee you an incomparable glide and glide ratio. This paraglider is also available in Icepeak Evox and Icepeak X-One versions, vitamin-packed models aimed at the best pilots and designed to break records.

But Niviuk is also the Gravity range and ultra manoeuvrable freestyle paragliders capable of sending out any acro figure on demand or a complete series of lightweight paragliders designed for walking and flying with a full range of basic canopies in Koyot P, Hook P, Ikuma P, or the single surface Skin P or the incredible EN D Climber P not to mention the lightning fast and infallible precision Roller mini glider.

In short, at Niviuk it is clear that every pilot will find the perfect glider for their level and practice. All that remains now is to try them out and make your choice.

Have a good flight!