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Supair Acro 4

Acro Weight: 5.9 kg The reference in the world of Acro. Very precise piloting, one-piece comfo...

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Supair Radical 4
Supair Radical 4

Trekking flight Weight: 830 g Modular harness (simple or with an airbag) particularly adapted...

500,00 €

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Cale-pied rétractable 20 mm Supair
Supair Retractable footrest 20 mm

20 mm retractable footrest for pre-equipped harnesses. For Evox C3, Delight 2, Altirando 3, Acro...

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Mousqueton acier 45 mm Supair
Supair 45 mm automatic steel carabiner

45 mm automatic steel carabiner for the harness-lift connection - developed for tandem and acro

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Elévateurs secours solo dynnema Supair
Supair Dynnema solo rescue risers

Lenght: 145 cm Weight: 60 g Dynnema solo rescue risers Supair

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Mousqueton 30mm Supair
Supair 30mm carabiner

30mm automatic self-locking carabiner This carabiner is specifically developed for harnesses with...

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Sellette Access 2 Bump Supair
Supair Access 2 Airbag Second hand

On-site flight - Progression Weight : 3,945 kg This school harness will accompany both the pil...

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Sellette Evolite Supair
Supair Evolite

On-site flight - Progression Weight: 3.8 kg This is the ideal harness to progress safely towar...

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Sellette Everest 3 Supair zoom
Supair Everest 3

Hike & Fly Weight: 320 g The harness completely dedicated to mountain flying with an extre...

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sellette Supair Strike 2
Supair Strike 2

Lightness, precision and safety are the key words of the STRIKE 2. It is the worthy heir to our long...

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Mousqueton 45mm Supair
Supair 45 mm carabiner

Automatic 45 mm carabiner for harness-lift connection Specifically designed for harness-rise...

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Sellette Supair Access 2 Bump
Supair Access 2 Bump

On-site flight - Progression Weight : 4,225 kg This school harness will accompany both the pil...

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Supair: the incredible story of a hang gliding instructor who became one of the leaders in the manufacture of paragliding harnesses

It all began at the end of the 1970's with Pierre Bouilloux, a hang gliding instructor and above all with his clients who regularly fainted in flight due to high compression points caused by the equipment. 

This was all it took for Pierre Bouilloux to buy his first sewing machine and start making his own harnesses. In 1980, he started to sell them to his entire school. He then set up a small production workshop at his home in the heart of Annecy to expand. Two years later he founded his own brand: Supair! 


But the brand's success was mainly due to the development of paragliding. Thanks to the experience acquired with hang gliding harnesses, Supair offered its first paragliding harnesses in 1985. The company grew and moved to its first premises in Haute Savoie.  


Always at the forefront of innovation, in 1988 the brand integrated the first rescue parachute inside the harness, then invented the first automatic buckles which would lead some time later to the first anti-forgetting safety systems. 


Next came the ABS (Anti Balance Systems) which improved safety in flight thanks to a better distribution of the pilot's weight on the load bearing side of the canopy in the event of an asymmetric collapse. Then Supair made another mark in the 90s by developing an anti-shock system integrated into the harness: the Airbag! 


Then came the time for international development in the 2000s and the creation of a Team Pilot Acro.

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But if the brand continues to improve its harnesses and to develop new technologies such as the Base System which allows the main wing to be released to go on a dirigible rescue, the time has come for it to diversify and to launch itself on a new department: the design of paragliding wings.  

Supair Paraglider

The very first Sora Tandem glider signed by Supair will be launched in 2014 and the first solo gliders in 2015 with the EONA (an En-A school glider) and the EIKO, a light mountain glider designed for Rando flying.  

And yes, if Pierre Bouilloux has been able to raise his brand to the forefront of the scene, it should not be forgotten that from 1990 to 1994 he was the French champion in distance paragliding, that he broke several FAI triangle world records and that he was above all a precursor in the world of bivouac flying. It is therefore not surprising that one of the first Supair gliders was dedicated to this practice. 

His tragic death on December 23, 2015 leaves a great void in the world of free flight but his respect for nature and the environment now lives on through his brand with strong values whose philosophy is simple and virtuous: to offer quality products with a maximum of reactivity while keeping production as localized as possible in France and in Europe, all distributed by a network of passionate retailers 

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