Progression paragliding course

Price : 750€

Duration : 5 days

The second Freedom level: the paragliding progression course

In the will to create a follow-up for our students, we have created a progression scale specific to Freedom which will allow you to know your level in paragliding, the different past, present and future stages in your practice and guide you in your progression and your choice to continue the courses with us.

It is important to understand that this scale is only a guideline of the "perfect path" in paragliding progression; that many will not necessarily respect it, since everyone has different sensations, learning preferences, and level of progression.

échelle niveau parapente freedom

Course objective: Flying toward autonomy !

You liked the beginner course? You've realized your first flights, and wish to continue your progression to gain more autonomy during takeoff and landing, increase your knowledge and develop your piloting technique? Would you like to finally fly alone at last?

The objective of this course is to achieve autonomy in paragliding through exercises on the ground and in the air which aim to improve your technique and approach before, during and after the flight. Of course, we will also teach you the important technical knowledge for safe solo paragliding.

Who are these progression courses for?

As you have surely understood, this course is aimed at people who have already done a paragliding initiation course: with inflation practice, slope schools and some solo flights guided by instructors who are looking to improve their flying technique and their knowledge of paragliding, practice, environment, ... to reach the initial certificate and the first flights in autonomy.

For a better learning experience during the progression course, we advise you to arrive having done an initiation course a short time ago so that everything you have learned, whether in practice or theory, is still fresh in your mind. The best thing would be to have done some ground or slope training exercises in order to have some control over your glider and its controls.


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After the course?

As we have seen, the aim is to be able to fly autonomously after this course in known places, to progress in an environment where you are at ease, where you can work on different piloting exercises. It is possible that some people are a little less comfortable than others at the end of this course, and are still a little apprehensive about flying alone, without a guide for take-off and landing. In this case, it is possible and advisable to quickly repeat the course to work on your fears and your technique to bring you to the level expected at the end of the course. The small groups of students also allow the instructors to work personally with some students when necessary.


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Progression course

Details of the paragliding progression course (Level 2 Freedom)

Theoretical content :

  • Aerology and meteorology (advanced): clouds, types of lift, wind and breeze, aerological traps, weather analysis and observations (basics)
  • Turns and associated pendulum movements
  • Rescue set-up
  • Air regulations (basic)

Practical content :

  • Face-to-face inflation
  • Autonomy in flight (deco, flight plan and landing)
  • Flying with several people
  • Knowing how to give up if necessary
  • Self-assessment

In-flight exercises :

  • Pitching
  • Rolling without controls
  • Ears
  • Asymmetric ears
  • Tail steering
  • 360° flat rate