Progression paragliding course

Flying toward autonomy !

You liked the beginner course? You've realized your first flights, and wish to continue your progression to gain more autonomy during takeoff and landing, increase your knowledge and develop your piloting technique? Would you like to finally fly alone at last?

Freedom parapente is here to guide you through this and lead you to the initial certificate, first step to reach autonomy with progression paragliding courses.

Who are these progression courses for?

As you have surely understood, this course is aimed at people who have already done a paragliding initiation course: with inflation practice, slope schools and some solo flights guided by instructors who are looking to improve their flying technique and their knowledge of paragliding, practice, environment, ... to reach the initial certificate and the first flights in autonomy.


5 days course: all season


These courses may include :

  • Reverse and forward launch
  • Theoretical elements to analyze the weather
  • Easy discovery and/or exploitation of thermal column
  • Basics maneuvers and discovery of active piloting
  • Progressively giving up radio contact
  • Depending on your level, this course allows you to take the initial certificate.

Details of  progression paragliding courses (Green Level)

Theoretical Content :

  • Clouds
  • Difference between wind and breeze
  • Aerological traps
  • Different types of ancestry
  • Polar velocity
  • Turning mechanics and associated pendulum movement
  • Aging factors
  • Emergency assembly
  • Basics of aviation regulations
  • Training curriculum

Practical skills: Entry level in training course progression = validation of the introductory training course form.

Objectives :

  • Simple decoration autonomy, calm conditions
  • Flight plan autonomy
  • Landing autonomy
  • Radio weaning
  • Weather analysis, general observation
  • Multi-person robbery
  • Knowing how to give up
  • Self-evaluation

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In-flight exercises :

  • Pitching
  • Rollers without controls
  • Ears
  • Asymmetrical ears
  • Rear steering
  • 360° flat rate
  • Reverse launch
  • Affalting technique
  • Back and front static control
Niveau vert parapente brevet initial FFVL