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Adrien, in charge of the workshop and paraglider | The paragliding expert who will know how to solve all your equipment problems


Freedom parapente is also a revision and repairs workshop !

The Freedom workshop specializes in paragliding control, paragliding overhaul and repair, and in folding and repackaging your emergency parachute.

Vérification parapente
Réparation voile parapente
atelier réparation freedom adrien
machine à coudre voile parapente
atelier de contrôle Freedom Parapente

When to have your paraglider checked ?

There is unfortunately no rule. The frequency of paragliding control will be different depending on the canvas, its model, the use, the environment of use, the daily maintenance.


Paragliding Workshop

How is the control of a paraglider ?

The equipment used in the workshop to control the porosity of the fabric, the resistance of the lines and the wedging (length of the lines), allow you to know the wear of your paraglider. The Freedom workshop may, if necessary, reposition your sail, so that it stays as long as possible within the tolerance recommended by the manufacturer. In some cases, it is necessary to repair the paraglider.

We maintain your equipment so that the trust that you grant to him in the first day remains intact.


The Freedom workshop specializes in the control, overhaul and repair of paragliders, as well as the folding and repackaging of your emergency parachute.

To join the workshop directly, call 07 62 180 360