Find in the shop all the new and second hand paragliding equipment on sale at Freedom. Whether it is sails, harnesses, reserve parachutes, helmets, instruments (radios, altimeters, varios, ...), small accessories and even Freedom clothes; you will find what you need but above all advice from professionals to find the equipment that suits you at the best price! New and second hand products according to the period at all prices. Our instructors will guide you to find the equipment adapted to your desires, your size and morphology for a better comfort, a better performance and a maximum of safety.

You will find a large choice of products and major brands for all tastes and desires (Niviuk, Airdesign, Supair, Woody Walley, Icaro, ...).

To know which equipment to choose for paragliding, you will find more information on the page "How to choose your paragliding equipment?"