Beginner paragliding course

Discover man's long-lost dream !

You've never flown, you simply want to discover paragliding, or you wish to become an independent pilot? Beginner course purpose is to guide you step by step until you realize your first big flight.

Who is the beginner course for?

The beginner course has been created for all those who wish to discover the activity of paragliding, discover new sensations or become an autonomous pilot. It is open to everyone: people who have never flown a paraglider before, who don't know the environment, ...

It is however necessary to be in good physical health. Indeed, paragliding may seem like a not very physical activity, where the pilot sits under a canopy and lets himself be carried; but you will see that it requires a minimum of physical effort. In reality, during this course you will be on the ground for a good part of the days, under the sun if the weather is good. Learning to paraglide also requires a lot of ground exercises where it is necessary to be able to walk and run on slopes, to carry your equipment on your back, ... The long days on the ground are very tiring and it is therefore necessary to be in good physical shape to come to the course to ensure your safety throughout the course. You will be asked for a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of paragliding at the beginning of the course.


The five-day session has three main phases. Your paragliding initiation takes place with qualified and experienced instructors. They will answer your questions and share their passion with you.


5 days course: all season

3 steps :

  • Training hills : first steps

From the first day you'll receive your material that will be necessary during the whole course: harness, glider, helmet, radio.
On numerous training hills in the Puy de Dôme, your instructor will guide you during the first use of your material, first take off maneuvers until your first flight sensations.

  • Theoretical courses : indispensable element

Theoretical sessions are included during the course to gain a basic understanding necessary for the flights.


  • First flights : only pleasure

After numerous hours on the training hill, we will take you to one of our paragliding spot, the Puy de Dôme, Puy de Saint-Sandoux, Massif du Sancy or du realize your first big flights, guided with a radio by an instructor on the take off area and another on the landing area. To optimize your progression, every flight is prepared then debriefed with your instructor.

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Details of the Beginner Paragliding Course (White, yellow and orange level)

Theoretical Content :


White level :

  • Wind, direction and intensity
  • Axes
  • Why does it fly?

Yellow level:

  • Notion of flow, upwind, leeward, turbulence
  • Forces and angles of stabilized rectilinear flight (incidence, glide / glide ratio)
  • Air/ground speed
  • Finesse
  • Flight regimes
  • Pendulum configuration
  • Order picking

Orange Level:

  • Evolution of the aerology of a day
  • Breezes / winds (simple explanations)
  • Gantry adjustment harness
  • The reserve parachute
  • Cornering gesture, portal harness control
  • Flight plan: drifting, taking ground
  • Pallet guide
  • Rounding
  • Priority rules
  • Rules for the use of paragliding sites

>> Mastery of the subjects in bold is essential before the first big paragliding flight.


Practical skills before the first big flight:

  • Nickel preparation
  • Zen inflation without front traction
  • Synchro
  • Belly support, progressive acceleration with maintenance of the right flight regime
  • Effective heading correction
  • Effective response to instructions

In-flight exercises :

  • High arm flight (pulleys) then release the controls.
  • Maintaining heading in straight flight
  • Execution of turns in the harness
  • 90°, 180° turns
  • 360 degree turn back on axis
  • Control handle (training in the use of the reserve parachute)
  • Face to sail inflation if possible
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