Freedom is here for you, take advantage of it!

Freedom Parapente, is the desire to share with you the magic of paragliding, through a modern quality teaching. Groups of homogeneous levels at the service of your pleasure and your personal progression, supervised by experienced instructors.

- 5 levels of paragliding courses in Auvergne

- No mixing of levels (Initiation / Progression / Improvement)

- Groups of up to 7 students

- 2 dedicated instructors focused on training during the entire duration of the course

- Quality teaching: equipment in excellent condition (sails, helmets, radios, vehicles, ...), videos and case studies for debriefings, work on modern theoretical and practical modules (based on a pedagogical charter), long-term advice adapted to the individual, ...


During all its training courses, Freedom uses 4 types of sessions for your pleasure and progress:

  • Theoretical lessons (indoors or on the field)
  • Ground handling (with small or large sails, depending on wind strength)
  • Short flights on school slopes
  • First flights


We offer 5 levels of training courses:

  • BEGINNER paragliding course (yellow level) almost every week for all those who want to discover paragliding and make your first flights.
  • A PROGRESSION paragliding course (green level), suitable for students who have already completed an initiation course and who do not yet fly alone on site. We accompany you towards your first autonomy (initial FFVL certificate) at take-off and landing in calm conditions to allow you to fly with your own wings.
  • An ADVANCED paragliding course (blue level), for those who already fly autonomously on site with their equipment in cool conditions and who want to start flying in more lively aerology (soaring, thermalling) and perfect their active piloting and analysis in order to validate a global autonomy in their paragliding practice (FFVL pilot's license).
  • An ITINERANT paragliding course outside Puy-de-Dôme (Massif-central or Alps), intended for the same pilots as the advanced courses but with the pleasure of discovery and travel in addition. We'll fly where it's good! Millau, Cantal, Lot, Annecy, St Hilaire, Chamonix, etc?
  • A SIV paragliding course (red level), in Annecy above the lake, you will be able to make your own personalized progression, piloting serenely and step by step to discover the limits of your paraglider and explore the pendulum movements, the 360, closures, wing over, autorotation, stall, and more if affinity! A revelation course to allow you to fly serenely in stronger aerology.
Stage parapente initiation débutant Puy de Dôme
From 750€

Beginner paragliding course

Discover man's long-lost dream ! You've never flown, you simply want to discover paragliding, or you wish to become an independent pilot? Beginner course purpose is to guide you step by step until you realize your first big flight.

Stage parapente progression Auvergne
From 750€

Progression paragliding course

Flying toward autonomy ! You've realized your first flights, and wish to continue your progression to gain more autonomy during takeoff and landing, increase your knowledge and develop your piloting technique. Freedom parapente is here to guide you through this and lead you to the initial certificate, first step to reach autonomy.

Stage parapente Clermont-Ferrand
From 750€

Advanced paragliding course

Fly everywhere with serenity, it's possible ! Analyze weather conditions of the day, make a flight plan whatever the flight area, take off and land with the highest level of safety. Those are the objectives Freedom parapente will take you to. Personalized exercises, depending on your level, a precise follow-up of your progression. Your instructors are here for you.

Stage parapente itinérant
From 750€

Advanced itinerant paragliding course

Travelling for your progress! You are autonomous in paragliding on your usual flying sites? Freedom Parapente takes you where it flies, to the discovery of new horizons. The choice of the place is made according to the season, the weather and your desires: Massif-central, Alps, Southern Alps, etc... Our objective: Optimize the planning to offer you unforgettable flights!

Stage parapente SIV Annecy freedom parapente
From 630€

Advanced SIV paragliding course

Above the wonderful Annecy lake, you'll begin your progression with basics piloting exercises (pitch and roll phases and control, braking the deflate, etc...) to get familiar with your glider swings movements and the energy related to this. This way we'll construct strong skills that will allows you to progress step by step toward maneuvers more complicated.

Brevet parapente Freedom Parapente
From 10€

Passing of paragliding patents

To progress, you have to know where you are, where you are going and take steps! In order to provide you with the best possible paragliding training follow-up, Freedom offers you, in addition to initial or continuing training, regular examination sessions to pass your certification throughout the year.