Because a gift voucher for paragliding is the best gift in the world, don't hesitate and order a Freedom Parapente gift voucher!

You don't have any gift idea for a loved one? We offer 2 types of gift cards for everyone and for all occasions!

Whether it's for Mother's Day, Father's Day, your son's birthday, your grandfather's birthday, Christmas, a colleague's retirement, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a wedding, or any other situation where you want to give an unforgettable gift to your loved one, the paragliding gift card is the best idea!

Two types of gift vouchers:

  • Gift voucher for a paragliding experience in Puy de Dôme: a paragliding experience is really an incredible gift that everyone remembers for the rest of their life! Whether you want to discover the sensations of paragliding quietly, learn how a paraglider flies and pilot it for a few minutes, discover extreme sensations with acrobatics or discover an incredible view of the Puy de Dôme at an altitude of more than 2000 meters; a paragliding experience is a sure value. From 80€, you will find the formula among all our paragliding flights that will please your loved one.
  • Gift voucher for a paragliding course: For those who want to discover the discipline or for those who are already passionate about it, the gift voucher for a course at Freedom is the perfect gift! Impossible to please him/her more. Moreover, there are paragliding courses for all levels, from beginners to experienced pilots, you will find with our different paragliding courses, the one that will please your loved one.
Bon cadeau parapente

How to order a paragliding gift voucher?

1- Choose the formula and options which will please him the most

2- Order the gift voucher online, on the corresponding booking page or come and see us directly at our office in Laschamps, at the foot of the Puy de Dôme

3- Receive immediately by mail the paragliding gift voucher after payment or we can send it to you by mail (option at 5€)

4- Print and offer the gift voucher to your loved one

5- When they wish, the person can; online, on our website, or by phone; book a time slot for their flight

6- They will receive a confirmation of their flight by email

7- See you on the day of the flight for an incredible flight!

Book a gift voucher for a paragliding experience

Book a gift voucher for a paragliding course


Why give a paragliding gift voucher with Freedom?

  • The possibility to discover the sensations of paragliding is an original gift, which (almost) everyone can do.
  • The surprise of the gift is likely to be equal to the excitement of the moment that this person will spend with us! You will have given them the best gift!
  • What's more, it's a gift that you can share with this person in the magnificent setting of the Puy de Dôme and the Puys chain; one of the most beautiful places in the Auvergne, in France and in the world. And what's more, with experienced and friendly instructors!
  • The paragliding gift card is an ideal gift for all occasions: Christmas, birthdays, stag and hen parties, Father's Day, Mother's Day, ...
  • For parents who don't know what to buy their teenage children, this gift is perfect and will please them every time!
  • For all those who take it at the last moment, the paragliding experience in Puy de Dôme is also the solution for a gift that is out of the ordinary. It only takes a few minutes to order online, print the voucher and personalise it with a little note.
  • The gift voucher is valid for life (provided you reactivate it every year by telephone)

You won't be able to say that you don't have any gift ideas now! Especially when someone offers you a gift idea for paragliding!