Adrenaline flight

For even more thrills, the adrenaline option will allow you to experience extreme sensations like you've never experienced before! Perform tricks such as 360°, wing over,... that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Duration : Between 10 and 20 minutes

Cost: 120€


To carry out this paraglifding tandem flight with our instructors, we impose certain conditions:

  • To be at least 5 years old
  • Weigh between 25 kg and 110 kg
  • Being able to run on a slope
  • Have written parental permission for minors

Extraordinary sensations!

If you love thrills and adrenaline, this tandem flight is for you! In addition, the instructor will take the time before each acrobatic manoeuvre to explain the manoeuvres in detail.

In any case, the instructor will adapt to your desires and abilities so that you can enjoy your flight to the maximum.


Acrobatic sequences in complete safety

The paragliding material is designed to withstand enormous pressure, much more than 4G! In spite of the impressive aspect of the acrobatics, everything is done safely by experienced instructors and adequate equipment! Don't be afraid and come and discover the impressive and acrobatic side of the activity.


What figures?

  • Asymetrical 360°: The asymmetrical 360s are a series of pendulum curves always sent in the same direction. The pilot climbs into the resource and tries to pass as high as possible over the canopy before descending again, trying to go more or less flat under the canopy.
  • Wing-over: This figure is a series of right and left turns, during which the speed increases. The turns then become more and more amplitude, the canopy goes under the feet. This is one of the most impressive figures.
  • SAT: SAT is a rotation quite comparable to a simple 360 but inclined at more than 90°.  The centre of the rotation then passes between the canopy and the pilot. The canopy moves forward but the pilot moves backwards exactly as in a stabilized autorotation.
  • And many more!


Consult calendar

Offer a gift voucher for a paragliding tandem flight in the Puy de Dôme to someone close to you!

Sports enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, dreamers who wish to float in the air and taste the joys of freedom could melt away in front of a paragliding flight. An original and above all unforgettable gift. Discover the different Freedom Paragliding formulas and options and choose the one that corresponds to your friend's profile. Online, you can fill in the paragliding gift voucher form. We will send it to you either by e-mail, in PDF format, directly after the payment; or by post. Your friend will only have to contact us to book the date that suits him or her.

The gift vouchers are valid for life, under the condition that you reactivate it every 12 months by phone or e-mail.


Offer a gift-voucher

Freedom Parapente offers you options to improve your flight

Patrol option

For those who want to fly in pairs or more (friends, lovers, family, colleagues, ...), your respective instructors will fly close to each other so that you can share this moment "together".

Cost: Free
Video option

To keep a memory of the paragliding flight, the video is the best choice! Your monitor will film your flight with "on board camera", in HD quality and take the best images of it! The video will be transmitted to you, directly after the flight, on your phone or by SD card.

Cost: 20 €
Video editing option Receive, by email (with a download link), a few days after your flight, a video montage with music of the best moments of your flight and your complete video. Cost: 40 €
Bon cadeau baptême adrénaline

Family and Group Offers :

  • 5% discount, from 5 flights on the same day (except July, August and weekends)

The plusses of Freedom Parapente?

  • Possibility to fly, when you want, all year round (depending on the weather forecast).
  • Qualified and experienced instructors, trained at the Puy de Dôme for maximum safety; always in a good mood and eager to share this moment with you!
  • Instructors who speak English
  • Accepted means of payment: cash, credit card, cheques and holiday cheques.
  • Secure booking and payment, online, on the site
For all practical questions about how a paragliding tandem flight takes place, go to our FAQ or contact us by phone on 07 62 180 360 or by email