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meteo parapente

Mastering the weather while paragliding

Would you like to know more about the weather forecasts for more serene paragliding?

les nuages et leur classification parapente

Clouds and their paragliding classification

Paragliding is an aerial sport that allows you to discover beautiful landscapes and experience uniqu...

baptême montgolfière puy de dôme volcan d'auvergne

Hot air balloon ride in Puy de Dôme

How about flying over the Auvergne volcanoes during a hot air balloon flight in the Puy de Dôme?

parapente coucher de soleil

Flying during a sunset by paraglider

Have you always wanted to fly a paraglider while the sun was setting, as you can see in photos or vi...

idée cadeau parapente

Best gift ideas for paragliders

Whether it's for Christmas, birthdays or other occasions, it's always hard to find gift ideas for yo...

est-ce que le parapente fait peur

Is paragliding a scary activity?

Many people tell us that they are afraid to take the plunge because it is too dangerous, because the...

Tenue pour un vol en parapente

What outfit for a paragliding flight?

Whether it is for a first tandem flight or a solo flight, it is important to dress well for your com...

Meilleur site parapente France

7 best paragliding sites in France

You want to discover the most beautiful paragliding sites in France to change your usual flying site...

vol rando auvergne

Hike and fly in Auvergne

Hike and fly a combination of hiking and paragliding. This hike can be done on a "classic" site (lik...

bivouac parapente

Paragliding bivouacs

Beautiful days are back and you may have had the idea and the desire to go on an adventure with your...

parapente planfait annecy

Annecy paragliding site

Cradle of the birth of paragliding, Annecy is today one of the biggest paragliding sites in France l...

les sites de parapente

Paragliding sites in Puy de Dôme

Freedom has created for you an article listing all the paragliding sites accessible to everyone in t...

site pente école puy de dome parapente

School slope sites in the Puy de Dôme

The school slope is an educational practice of paragliding aiming to work on take-off or flight exer...

performances de sa voile

How to keep your paraglider performing as long as possible

A paraglider is made almost entirely of fabric. A technical and very elaborate fabric that provides...

parachute de secours parapente en action

All about the rescue parachute

The rescue parachute is an essential element of paragliding safety and will be useful in case of (bi...

parapente vs paramoteur

Paragliding or paramotoring

We will see that these two sports are quite similar in their history and practice. But what are the...