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achat voile parapente

Sports around paragliding

You like paragliding; this sport where the feeling of freedom, of gliding through the sky like a bir...

Parapente ski

Why not try paragliding on skis?

The snow is back and you hesitate between skiing and paragliding? What if for once you tried to comb...

Deltaplane Vs Parapente

Deltaplane or paraglider, what are the differences?

Freedom tells you all about these 2 flying wings so different....

Kooky Sky Paragliders

Test of the Kooky from Sky Paragliders

Discover without further delay the test of the Kooky by Beber from Freedom Parapente

Site parapente Puy de Dôme

The 5 best paragliding sites in Puy de Dôme

We have compiled a list of the 5 best paragliding sites in Puy de Dôme, for all paragliding enthusia...

activité clermont ferrand

The 10 leisure activities to do in Clermont-Ferrand

Looking for unusual activities to do in Puy de Dôme? We have chosen 10 leisure activities to do in t...

parapente bresil

Men's and women's paragliding world records beat in 2 days

World paragliding records for the longest male and female flights fell in just a few days in October...

Parapente tempête Australie Ewa Wisnierska

Maximum altitude record in paragliding - Ewa Wisnierska

A German paraglider, named Ewa Wisnierska, holds a rather incredible paragliding record, that of hav...

Voile parapente skin 3 p

Test of the Niviuk Skin 3 P glider

Freedom Parapente has tested the Niviuk Skin 3 P Light Series glider for you.

Record de France parapente Frédéric Delbos

Paragliding: French distance record beaten by Frederic Delbos

Frederic Delbos broke the French distance record in paragliding with 417 km on May 12, 2019!

Photo Chaîne des Puys Auvergne

Fly over the Chaîne des Puys, a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Come and fly with Freedom Parapente, above the Chaîne des Puys-faille de la Limagne, recently inscri...

Sailwing parapente

The history of paragliding

Do you know where this sport comes from? Come and discover the origin of this sport!