Best gift ideas for paragliders

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Whether it's for Christmas, birthdays or other occasions, it's always hard to find gift ideas for your loved ones. But if that person is a paraglider, don't panic, we have a great list of paragliding gift ideas that could make them happy!


The idea of a book may not seem very original, but it is a safe bet for all occasions. It is a small gift at an affordable price that will certainly interest your loved one.

The Free Flight Manual / Manuel du Vol Libre

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The paragliding reference manual that every paraglider should read at least once. It covers a wide range of paragliding and hang-gliding theory and practice in a comprehensive manner.

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Bon cadeau parapente
Bon cadeau parapente
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The books that every paraglider who likes to travel and discover new paragliding sites would like to have under the Christmas tree. The various books in this edition list and detail the vast majority of paragliding and hang-gliding sites in France. You will find in these books all the flight information for each site, how to access it, safety instructions and advice, ...

There is a book for each quarter of France and a special edition dedicated to the 70 best sites in France.

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Syride flight instruments

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idée cadeau parapente
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For longer flights, performance flights or competition flying, the use of flight instruments is almost necessary. The Syride brand offers different types of instruments depending on the practice and what you are looking for.

Altimeters, Varios, GPS, ... you will find a very good range of instruments for paragliders in progress, more experienced and even for competition!

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A pair of gloves

For winter and cold weather, gloves are essential to withstand the cold and enjoy flying. Choosing the right gloves is therefore really important and a great gift idea for a paraglider pilot.

The Charly brand offers quality accessories for paragliding and great gloves in this case.

Windstopper Fleece Gloves

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These are windproof and breathable sports gloves, heated with activated carbon packs (installed in the wrist pocket).

The specially designed pockets for storing heaters make them the ideal companion, even in cold weather. The practical, conductive synthetic leather on the thumb and forefinger allows you to use a touch screen.

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TOUCH KOMBI 2-in-1 Gloves

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This is the glove you need to fly! Designed for paragliding, they can also be used for skiing, riding or cycling. Its unique feature is that it combines the benefits of a glove for sensitive fingers with the superior thermal performance of a heated mitt. The mitt is invisibly concealed in the back of the hand and can be removed and placed over the fingers as required, thus providing an extra layer of cold blocking. And of course, thanks to the conductive leather on the index finger and thumb, it is possible to use a smartphone or touch-sensitive flight instrument without any problems.

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A helmet

The helmet is an important element in paragliding. Together with the rescue parachute and the airbag in the harness, it is one of the few items of equipment that protects us in the event of an incident, particularly a collision. You can choose your paragliding helmet according to several criteria: comfort, design and size.

Here are 3 helmets perfect for paragliding that we use for our students in training:

Supair School 2 Abs 

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The entry-level helmet for paragliding school and progression. It is modern, comfortable and robust.

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Icaro Nerv and Charly Vitesse

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Two high quality helmets that offer lightness, comfort, resistance and protection. In addition to their very modern and colourful design, they offer the possibility to add protective visors. All the qualities you would expect from a paragliding helmet can be found in these two models.

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Trail Bag Airdesign

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For the more adventurous and sporty paraglider, who also likes to walk; offering a trail bag is also a good idea for paragliding.

Airdesign's trail light bags offer a neat design, high quality construction, but above all lightness and robustness, the primary qualities sought after in a trail bag.

Available in a range of sizes, this will be a great companion for touring flights.

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A harness

Giving a harness is a great gift for a paraglider pilot. It is a more expensive gift at the time but it is equipment that will last over time, much longer than a wing. It is the link between the glider and yourself, an element of comfort but above all of safety. The choice of a harness depends on the use of the paraglider and the type of practice you prefer (standard, competition, rando, acro, ...). Before offering a gift like this one, it is necessary to be sure that it corresponds well to the practice of the person. But to mark the occasion, the harness is really a great gift for a paraglider pilot!

Here is a small selection of 4 different harnesses for different types of paragliders:

Exense air

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The Exense Air is a harness designed specifically for beginner pilots who prefer to fly on site. A simple product with a clean and safe design, which also offers comfort, with excellent detail and finish. The main advantages of the Exense Air are its safety with its airbag and its robustness.

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Wani Light 2

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Woody-Valley's best-selling harness model! A very light harness for touring flight that also ensures safety, comfort and handling in flight! The complete harness for those who want to go for walking and flying!

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Alti Rando Lite

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The Altirando Lite is a reversible, comfortable and light harness. It meets the expectations of pilots who like to walk & fly and travel. It is also very suitable for site flights with light equipment. It is truly one of the star harnesses that we offer and love at Freedom. It is especially recommended for those who are oriented towards hiking/mountain flying.

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Kolibri Evo

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The Kolibri EVO is the lightweight harness for paragliders who compete, walk and fly, or bivouac. It is the unbeatable harness for bivouac and expedition flying due to its unmatched comfort and large storage capacity.

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A glider

The ultimate gift for a paraglider pilot; to give him the glider he has wanted for months and which will enable him to fly and break his own records! Nothing can make him happier than that but as for the harness, this gift has a cost! You can offer new gliders but you can also find second hand ones at better prices.

Niviuk Koyot 5

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If we were to give a paraglider pilot his first glider, we would choose the Koyot 5 from Niviuk. Surely the best glider to start paragliding and to begin his progression! We have been using this model since our creation in 2014 for our courses and it is the one we recommend to our students! A combination of passive safety but also performance to have fun while progressing!

We have new and used Koyot 5's for sale that we use in our courses during the year so don't hesitate to check the shop or call us directly!

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Gift vouchers

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And for those of you who don't know much about equipment and are afraid to give the wrong gift, paragliding gift vouchers are also a great idea for a paraglider gift. Giving a first flight or a training course is really a value for money gift!

It is even a great and original gift for someone who is not necessarily a paraglider. The first flights and courses are open to both practising and non-practising paragliders. The discovery courses have been created to learn the basics of paragliding and to make your first solo flights, guided by instructors on the ground in 5 days.

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We hope this list has given you some ideas for gifts for your paragliding friends. Of course, you can find all this equipment on our online shop. You will also find many other items if you wish for other paragliding gift ideas.