All products of the brand Syride :

From the simple audible vario to the top-of-the-range tablet and complete alti-vario-gps, the Syride brand has been accompanying paraglider pilots for years with high-performance flight instruments that will allow you to know in real time your rate of climb, your GPS position, your ground speed as well as your position in relation to regulated air zones.

SYS GPS Syride
Syride SYS'GPS

SYS'GPS is an alti-vario-GPS with G-meter. Perfect for recreational flying. Practical, light, pow...

349,00 €

SYS Nav Syride
Syride SYS'Nav

SYS'Nav has all the navigation and airspace functions. Complete, powerful, practical, light

399,00 €

tablette Sys Evolution Syride
Syride Sys Evolution

The ultimate tool for safe flying, competition and record breaking.

649,00 €

Syride SYS Nav XL Alti Vario GPS

Alti Vario GPSBluetooth Global airspaces World topography Competition compatible

499,00 €

Alti Vario Gps Syride SYS GPS
Syride SYS'Alti

SYS'Alti is an alti-vario with G-meter. Ideal for beginners. Simple, light, practical, efficient

199,00 €

vario SYS One Syride
Syride SYS One

SYS'One is a sound and visual vario microphone. Indispensable for hiking or travelling. Small, li...

69,00 €

Syride story :

Founded in 2010 in Saint Hilaire du Touvet, Syride, which stands for Share Your Ride, actually started by manufacturing electronic instruments for surfers and especially for kitesurfers who wanted to know their jump height. The brand then launched into the world of paragliding with a first alti vario fixed on a riser in 2012 which revolutionized the practice by its light weight, its simplicity of use and its function of recording the flight track: the SYS'Ky.

With Syride you could finally exploit thermals without having to worry about programming and menus and review your flight afterwards to understand your mistakes and progress faster.

Made in France (Lyon and Paris), Syride flight instruments use robust and reliable components to keep up with long flights, even at high altitudes and in winter. And in case of need, their after-sales service is impeccably responsive.