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Livre Le manuel du vol libre
Librairie Free flight manual

A reference manual covering all aspects of flight and the official bible of the FFVL for the candida...

42,00 €

Peguet Maillon inox carré
Peguet Stainless steel square link

Stainless steel quick link, square, 6 or 7mm, by Peguet

17,00 €

14,45 €

Cale-pied rétractable 20 mm Supair
Supair Retractable footrest 20 mm

20 mm retractable footrest for pre-equipped harnesses. For Evox C3, Delight 2, Altirando 3, Acro...

35,00 €

29,75 €

Maillon inox oval Peguet
Peguet Stainless steel oval link

Stainless steel quick link, oval, 6 or 7 mm, by Peguet

15,00 €

12,75 €

Mousqueton acier 45 mm Supair
Supair 45 mm automatic steel carabiner

45 mm automatic steel carabiner for the harness-lift connection - developed for tandem and acro

35,00 €

29,75 €

Connecteur IKS 3000 Dyneema Niviuk
Niviuk IKS 3000 Connector Dyneema

The IKS 3000 is designed to connect the risers and/or rescue parachute to the harness. Its design an...

10,00 €

8,50 €

Elévateurs secours solo dynnema Supair
Supair Dynnema solo rescue risers

Lenght: 145 cm Weight: 60 g Dynnema solo rescue risers Supair

40,00 €

34,00 €

Mousqueton 45mm Supair
Supair 45 mm carabiner

Automatic 45 mm carabiner for harness-lift connection Specifically designed for harness-rise...

25,00 €

21,25 €

Mousqueton 30mm Supair
Supair 30mm carabiner

30mm automatic self-locking carabiner This carabiner is specifically developed for harnesses with...

25,00 €

21,25 €

Ecarteurs biplace STD rigides Supair
Supair Rigid STD tandem spreaders

Dedicated to professional and recreational tandem flying

130,00 €

110,50 €

Speedbag Evo Lite 2
Supair Speedbag Evo Lite 2

This speedbag is an optional module for theEVO LITE 2, enabling you to transform your harness Seat i...

250,00 €

212,50 €

Connecteur IKS 1000 Dyneema Niviuk
Niviuk IKS 1000 Dyneema connector

The IKS 1000 is designed and dimensioned to connect the risers to the lines.

9,00 €

7,65 €