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Sac Fast Pack
Airdesign Fast Pack Bag

And poof, it's folded! Shall we go back up? Take off again and again, in tandem or solo. With its op...

132,00 €

112,20 €

Airdesign Sac Light Trail
Airdesign Light Trail Bag

Available in 5 sizes: 24 - 38 - 55 - 70 - 99 L Sophisticated design, high quality construction, l...

90,00 €

76,50 €

AirPack 50/50 AirDesign
Airdesign AIRPACK 50/50

44,40 €

37,74 €

kortel k60
Kortel Sak K60

The Sak K 60L has been thought and conceived for the amateurs of walking or flying competitions or t...

278,00 €

250,20 €

mousqueton parapente edelrid
Airdesign Mousquetons Edelrid Ease Superlight

Specific for paragliding, these carabiners designed in partnership with Edelrid weigh only 22 g each...

39,00 €

33,15 €

Maillon largable
Charly Quick out carabiners

In emergency situations, fast disconnection without effort is possible. Four safety steps with the p...

78,50 €

66,73 €

Charly Crocs fendus réglage rapide 2 mm
Charly Speed system hooks 2 mm

Adjustable speed system hooks. Finsterwalder‘s SPEED SYSTEM HOOKS have been developed especially...

3,00 €

Charly System hooks 2 mm

System hooks. Finsterwalder‘s SYSTEM HOOKS have been developed especially for paragliding. They s...

3,00 €

BGD Speed bar

SPEED BAR with 2 hooks and a strong rope for easy installation. The angular position of the throt...

29,00 €

24,65 €

Niviuk Y-Bridle

Solo: 130 cm Tandem: 210 cm Breaking load: 2450 daN.

35,00 €

29,75 €

kortel k 80
Kortel Sak K80

The Sak K80 has been thought and designed for the walk & fly and flight-bivouac enthusiasts. It inte...

278,00 €

250,20 €

Sac Trek 2 Supair
Supair Trek 2 Backpack

Designed for hiking use with theUse solid materials, the TREK 2 is both durable and ergonomic.

250,00 €

212,50 €