Ozone Zeolite2

The Zeolite 2 proved its worth in the 2023 X-Alps, on the podium and at the finish line. It is our l...

6 400,00 €

5 440,00 €

Ozone Zeolite2 GT

The Zeolite 2 GT development process pulled technology from the Photon and the Zeolite 2 XD (2023 X-...

6 020,00 €

5 117,00 €

susi 4
Airdesign Susi 4

The Air Design SuSi 4 is certified from A to D and therefore covers all kinds of needs, pilot skills...

3 600,00 €

3 060,00 €

voile XX Lite 2 bleu violet Ozone
Ozone XX Lite 2

EN-D approval Hike and Fly | Mountain The XX Lite 2 is an ultra-light, single surface mountain...

3 150,00 €

2 677,50 €

ozone photon
Ozone Zeno 2

Five years after the Zeno’s release, it remains at the top of the EN D class, and we knew it would n...

6 660,00 €

5 661,00 €

Why buy an EN D glider?

These sport/performance paragliders are simply designed to eat up the miles and push your cross-country limits. They are formidable gliders, offering minimum sink rate and excellent glide ratio in accelerated flight. They are therefore particularly interesting for avoiding long transitions or exploiting the smallest thermals. Their flying speed is also higher than that of an EN-C glider, and their rear steering system optimizes turns with minimal degradation of the wing's profile. These gliders can be flown with a low control amplitude and react instantly.

What level of paragliding experience is required to fly an EN-D paraglider?

If EN-D paragliders are the most efficient of the whole range, they are also the most demanding in terms of piloting and flying experience. Passive safety on these models is limited to the strict minimum. It is therefore imperative to master the techniques and methods for returning to the flight envelope in the event of an incident. EN-Ds can react violently to turbulence, and don't forgive piloting errors or over-piloting. You need a large volume of flying experience to fly such machines, which are very close to pure competition models. It's also a good idea to take a SIV course to find out how such a wing reacts in the event of a flight outside its flight envelope.

Don't hesitate to contact us for advice before purchasing an EN-D paraglider.