Discover our selection of tandem paragliding harnesses from brands such as Supair, Kortel and Woody Valley:

At Freedom Parapente we have selected a complete range of tandem paragliding harnesses including pilot harnesses, passenger harnesses and models designed specifically for children and their small body size.

Sellette enfant Kid Kortel
Kortel Kid Harness

Children's tandem harness Weight : 2 kg What a joy to fly children in a tandem! BUT what a pai...

470,00 €

423,00 €

sellette Supair Minimax 3
Supair Minimax 3

Tandem Weight : 2,9 kg The new generation tandem passenger harness, dedicated to professionals...

700,00 €

595,00 €

Sellette Kinder 2 Supair
Supair Kinder 2

To continue or begin the discovery of paraglider, Supair has developed the Kinder 2, a harness for t...

420,00 €

357,00 €

sellette de parapente Supair Minimax Bump
Supair Minimax Bump

Tandem Weight: 3.53 kg Robust harness for the two-seater passenger with BUMPAIR 17 XC damping...

600,00 €

510,00 €

sellette VIP Lite Supair
Supair VIP Lite

Tandem Weight: 1.65 kg Very light and compact harness with leg straps for tandem passengers. A...

590,00 €

501,50 €

supair pilot
Supair Walibi Lite

With its 1770g, the WALIBI LITE is a harness for light tandem pilots equipped with a parachute pocke...

750,00 €

637,50 €

sellette parapente Walibi 3 Supair
Supair Walibi 3

Tandem Weight: 3.41 kg The new generation tandem pilot harness, dedicated to professionals. Ro...

1 150,00 €

977,50 €

Sellette Bix Woody Valley
Woody Valley BiX

Tandem Weight: 5,5 kg Harness designed for the pilot of a tandem paraglider. Maximum comfort w...

825,00 €

701,25 €

sellette Passenger Woody Valley
Woody Valley Passenger

Tandem Weight : 3,2 kg Passenger, the harness for passenger comfort and safety for your profes...

660,00 €

561,00 €

Why a tandem harness and which harness to choose?

Tandem flying is a very specific flight. The pilot and the passenger in the front seat are very close to each other. The equipment must therefore be perfectly designed so that the pilot can have the passenger between his legs without being disturbed and without interfering with the airbag system of the passenger harness. The manufacturers therefore propose pairs of pilot/passenger harness developed in parallel and totally compatible in order to offer maximum comfort to the passenger and good control to the pilot, all with many little tricks such as well thought out and judiciously positioned emergency handles which prevent a passenger in case of panic from pulling it inadvertently. There are also special pockets for Gopro poles, and nets and pockets on the back of the passenger harness to hold flight instruments for the pilot.

In addition, the rescue parachute of a tandem glider is very large. It therefore requires a much larger space and a special container than a solo harness.

Tandem paragliding harness

Why a tandem passenger harness?

While it is technically possible to fly a passenger in a conventional paragliding harness, this is far from being an optimal solution as it will be heavier than a specially designed two-seater passenger harness and above all its ergonomics may penalise the pilot. Having a tandem airbag that inflates between the pilot's legs is really unpleasant. With a passenger tandem harness you are sure to enjoy a comfortable ride. This is a crucial point if you intend to tandem fly regularly.

Where is the air bag located on a tandem harness?

During a tandem flight the safety of the passenger is a priority for both the pilot and the manufacturer of the tandem harness. In order to meet this requirement, passenger tandem paragliding harnesses are equipped with an airbag system under the seat, also known as a subcutaneous airbag. Some reinforced models even have larger airbags that go up in the back to provide maximum comfort when landing in a seated position. These passenger airbags ensure smooth landings even during seated landings.

What is the price of a tandem harness?

The price of a tandem harness can vary greatly.

  • The price of a pilot tandem harness varies between 900 and 1000€.
  • The price of an adult passenger tandem harness varies between 600 and 700€.
  • The price of a child passenger tandem harness is between 400 and 500€.
sellette biplace parapente enfant Kortel