Supair Kinder 2

To continue or begin the discovery of paraglider, Supair has developed the Kinder 2, a harness for tandem flying for children from 6 to 12 years old.

With several adjustments, it adapts perfectly to the child's morphology.

For safety, the harness has an EN and LTF certified foam bag protection. Compared to the Kinder, the KINDER 2 has a two-point locking system, which is faster and safer to close. The KINDER 2 has two anchor points to position the passenger at the right height for the pilot, depending on the type of spreader bar used.

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Technical characteristics of the Supair Kinder 2 child harness:


  • Bumpair 15 cm special
  • Two frame loops / V-shaped loop
  • Automatic 30 mm carabiners 


  • 3D Mesh backrest


  • A main back pocket for storage


  • Shoulder length adjustment
  • Ventral distance adjustment
  • Backrest tilt adjustment


  • 210 D polyester fabric
  • PES and PA straps


  • Standard EN 1651 - LTF

This harness comes with the following accessories:

- 2 Zicral 30 mm auto carabiners SUPAIR
- Specific 15 cm LTF certified BUMPAIR
- Polypropylene seatplates