Second-hand paragliding equipment available in the Freedom shop

Every year at the end of the season Freedom offers you a complete range of second-hand paragliding equipment at very interesting prices. Whether it's a complete school pack that's barely a year old or a demo glider with only a few test flights under its belt, Freedom's second-hand range allows you to buy your paraglider, harness and rescue parachute at a great price. If you want to get your own equipment after your introductory course, now is the time to do it.

voile Volt 4
Airdesign Volt 4 occasion

Construction & Features – Double coated Skytex, doubled seams and etching tape on edges: robustne...

5 160,00 €

3 600,00 €

Supair Eona 3 occasion
Supair Eona 3 second hand

The EONA 3 is SUPAIR's new school wing. Designed to last, it benefits from reliable and robust ma...

3 420,00 €

2 200,00 €

Koyot 5 Niviuk
Niviuk Koyot 5 second hand

Instruction, recreational flying Certified EN A, the Koyot 5 is the ideal companion for pilots who...

3 455,00 €

2 590,00 €

Airdesign Eazy 3
Airdesign Eazy 3 second-hand

The Eazy 3 is the wing that gives you access to free flight, the birds’ realm, and makes you become...

3 480,00 €

2 436,00 €

Sellette Access 2 Bump Supair
Supair Access 2 Airbag Second hand

On-site flight - Progression Weight : 3,945 kg This school harness will accompany both the pil...

710,00 €

350,00 €

octagon 2
Niviuk Octagon 2 second hand

715,00 €

536,00 €

sellette Niviuk Makan occasion
Niviuk Makan Second hand

Beginner - Progression You never forget your first flights. Discover them with a versatile, light...

637,00 €

350,00 €

Sky Paragliders Gii 4 occasion rouge
Sky Paragliders Gii 4 second hand

Beginner - Progression Weight: 2.8 kg A harness with an integrated airbag, designed mainly for...

830,00 €

250,00 €

Sellette GII 5
Sky Paragliders GII 5 Second Hand

The GII 5 from Sky Paragliders is a new harness aimed at paragliding schools and pilots looking for...

830,00 €

620,00 €

sellette Woody Valley Exense Air Occasion
Woody Valley Exense Air Second hand

Flying on site | Beginner Weight: 3,5 kg Exense Air is a harness designed specifically for nov...

839,00 €

625,00 €

The Freedom Shop: All second-hand paragliding equipment

With Freedom you can buy your paragliding equipment at a very interesting price. We offer a wide range of EN-A school gliders such as the Koyot that you have already tested during a course for example, as well as compatible harnesses and rescue parachutes. This equipment has either been used by the students during the previous season during the various courses or by customers who wanted to test new equipment in the case of demo equipment. Whatever the case, these canopies, harnesses and parachutes are still in very good condition and this is the perfect opportunity for a beginner to buy a complete pack at the best price so that you can have fun with your own equipment.

Buy your beginner's pack at a low price: glider, harness, reserve parachute

Offered at more than 40% off the base price, the second hand equipment you will find in the Freedom Paragliding shop or on the website, is really very interesting. The life span of the used gliders is still very good as the school fleet is renewed every year to offer the best possible experience to the students. For the second hand harnesses and rescue parachutes the rotation is slower but the wear is even lower. The same goes for the demo canopies, which are rarely used. Second hand equipment from Freedom is a chance to buy without breaking the bank. So take advantage of it without further delay and enjoy yourself with equipment that you will know perfectly over time and that will allow you to progress in good conditions. And of course, as always with Freedom, if you have any doubts or questions, you will find all the advice you need from our team to be sure you buy the equipment best suited to your needs.