voile Volt 4
Airdesign Volt 4 occasion

Construction & Features – Double coated Skytex, doubled seams and etching tape on edges: robustne...

5 160,00 €

3 600,00 €

Supair Eona 3 occasion
Supair Eona 3 second hand

The EONA 3 is SUPAIR's new school wing. Designed to last, it benefits from reliable and robust ma...

3 420,00 €

2 200,00 €

Voile parapente Ozone Element 3
Ozone Element 3 Second Hand

EN-A approval Site Flying | Beginner Designed for schools and beginner pilots, the Element 3 i...

2 680,00 €

2 278,00 €

voile BGD Magic
BGD Magic second hand

A safe, fun and capable wing to learn on … and keep progressing on, long after flying school. The...

3 270,00 €

2 290,00 €

Koyot 5 Niviuk
Niviuk Koyot 5 second hand

Instruction, recreational flying Certified EN A, the Koyot 5 is the ideal companion for pilots who...

3 455,00 €

2 590,00 €

Airdesign Eazy 3
Airdesign Eazy 3 second-hand

The Eazy 3 is the wing that gives you access to free flight, the birds’ realm, and makes you become...

3 480,00 €

2 436,00 €

voile UFO Air Design
Airdesign Ufo occasion

With the new UFO, let’s go back to the roots of paragliding: to fly from a mountain, find a thermal...

3 240,00 €

2 600,00 €

At Freedom we offer a range of second hand paragliders from either the previous season's school stock or from the demo wing stock that we make available throughout the year for customers wishing to test new equipment.

Offered at very attractive prices, these paragliders are in very good condition and will allow you to fly for many years. This is a great way to buy your first equipment without breaking the bank with a second-hand beginner's glider with no nasty surprises. You will find some of the most popular beginner models, such as the Niviuk Koyot, available in various sizes, the essential school glider that we have been using for many years on all our beginner courses.

And of course, if you have any questions, the Freedom Paragliding team will be happy to help you choose the most suitable equipment.

You will also find in our department a large choice of second hand harnesses as well as a series of second hand rescue parachutes in order to be able to make your own paragliding pack at a good price.