Instruments for paragliding

Discover the best instruments for longer flights, performance flights or competition. A large choice of instruments: varios, altis, GPS, radios, ...

You will also find radios and accessories for safety or communication between paragliders.

tablette Sys Evolution Syride
Syride Sys Evolution

The ultimate tool for safe flying, competition and record breaking.

649,00 €

Poche radio néoprène Supair
Supair Neoprene radio Pocket

Neoprene pocket for radio

30,00 €

25,50 €

Poche radio Smart Gin
Gin Radio pocket Smart

The Gin Smart radio holder is a holster-style radio holder with an integrated zipped pocket for your...

36,00 €

34,20 €

Oreillette HM-128L Icom
Icom Headset HM-128L

For Radio IC-V80E Headset with remote microphone and PTT. 2.5-3.5mm angled jack

32,00 €

30,40 €

Micro déporté SMC34 Kenwood
Kenwood Remote microphone SMC34

Remote HP microphone with programmable keys and volume control

60,00 €

57,00 €

Radio THK20E Kenwood
Kenwood Radio THK20E

A reference radio in free flight

170,00 €

161,50 €

Radio Icom Radio V80
Icom V80 Radio

The new Icom set replaces the V85 which is no longer in production. This station is characterized...

178,00 €

169,10 €

SYS Nav Syride
Syride SYS'Nav

SYS'Nav has all the navigation and airspace functions. Complete, powerful, practical, light

399,00 €

SYS GPS Syride
Syride SYS'GPS

SYS'GPS is an alti-vario-GPS with G-meter. Perfect for recreational flying. Practical, light, pow...

349,00 €

Syride SYS Nav XL Alti Vario GPS

Alti Vario GPSBluetooth Global airspaces World topography Competition compatible

499,00 €

Alti Vario Gps Syride SYS GPS
Syride SYS'Alti

SYS'Alti is an alti-vario with G-meter. Ideal for beginners. Simple, light, practical, efficient

199,00 €

vario SYS One Syride
Syride SYS One

SYS'One is a sound and visual vario microphone. Indispensable for hiking or travelling. Small, li...

69,00 €