voile Volt 4
Airdesign Volt 4 occasion

Construction & Features – Double coated Skytex, doubled seams and etching tape on edges: robustne...

5 160,00 €

3 600,00 €

Voile Kode P Niviuk
Niviuk Kode P

Ultralight with a double-surface Combination of materials and internal structure to guarantee the o...

3 455,00 €

2 936,75 €

susi 4
Airdesign Susi 4

The Air Design SuSi 4 is certified from A to D and therefore covers all kinds of needs, pilot skills...

3 600,00 €

3 060,00 €

parapente UFO 2 Airdesign
Airdesign Ufo

With the new UFO, let’s go back to the roots of paragliding: to fly from a mountain, find a thermal...

3 240,00 €

2 754,00 €

voile mono surface Ronin Airdesign
Airdesign Ronin

Light and fast! The RONIN is a versatile single surface glider depending on its weight loading. Choo...

3 240,00 €

2 754,00 €

voile UFO Air Design
Airdesign Ufo occasion

With the new UFO, let’s go back to the roots of paragliding: to fly from a mountain, find a thermal...

3 240,00 €

2 600,00 €

Artik 6 Niviuk
Niviuk Artik 6

EN-C approval Cross-country A glider with an impressive level of performance and accessibility...

4 925,00 €

4 186,25 €

voile Ozone Alpina 4
Ozone Alpina 4

EN-C approval Cross The Alpina 4, the light and powerful sport wing! With best-in-class p...

5 920,00 €

5 032,00 €

voile parapente Ozone Enzo 3
Ozone Enzo 3

EN-CCC approval Cross Country The latest version of the most awarded competition wing in parag...

7 420,00 €

6 307,00 €

voile Ozone SwiftMax
Ozone SwiftMax

EN-C approval Personal Tandem The SwiftMax is designed for experienced tandem pilots looking f...

6 430,00 €

5 465,50 €

Airdesign Volt 5

The Volt 5 is the fifth of its name and… How shall we put it? Well, it is the second generation of t...

5 400,00 €

4 860,00 €

Ozone Photon
Ozone Photon

Sport Class 2-Liner The Photon brings near-competition class performance to experienced sport cla...

5 950,00 €

5 057,50 €

Why choose a category C paraglider?

A paraglider approved in category C distinguishes itself from lower categories both by its superior flight performance and by its more precise and efficient piloting.

These EN-C wings, also known as "Sport category" wings, are longer than B and B+ category wings. Add to this a finer, more limited line to keep drag to a minimum, and you get wings with superior accelerated glide, which also transmit information from the air mass much better. This last point is particularly interesting, as it allows you to be proactive in terms of piloting the wing's evolutions, but it also gives you a better feel for thermals. It's not uncommon to feel category C gliders moving towards the thermal on their own as they approach.

The piloting of an EN-C glider also differs from that of a glider in a lower category. The wing is flown with a very short control range, and its responsiveness is superior. You'll enjoy piloting your wing with very little travel and great precision. To turn without degrading flight performance, these wings are designed to be flown from the rear. The Artik 6, for example, is equipped with a control handle between the C and B risers, enabling the glider to be flown with even greater finesse and with as little profile distortion as possible.

All this makes EN-C paragliders particularly effective for cross-country flying.

What level of experience do I need to fly an EN-C glider?

In return for higher performance than EN-B wings, EN-C wings require more piloting experience. Returning to the flying envelope after an incident requires experience and a good knowledge of the wing, as passive safety is more limited than on progression wings. They also react more quickly. You may feel as if you've got a beam over your head, but when it goes, it goes hard. That's why we strongly advise you to maintain a high volume of flying time, in the order of 60 to 70 hours per year, to be able to fly such a machine with peace of mind.

All in all, this type of EN C glider is just as well suited to experienced pilots with a high volume of flying experience, who have had enough of their EN-B+ glider and are looking for a more efficient, more precise flying experience. EN C gliders are also a good choice for pilots coming from a D glider and looking to take it down a notch for greater serenity.

And now EN-C 2-line paragliders!

The latest innovation, and not the least, is the arrival of the 2-line system on category C paragliders. These paragliders, like the Niviuk Artik R, the Air Design Volt 4 and the Ozone Photon, are now available with just two risers and special handles for EN-D-like handling at the back. This evolution further enhances the performance and piloting comfort of these models. A true evolution of EN-C paragliders, these 2-line models are somewhere between a classic EN-C and an EN-D in terms of handling. It is therefore strongly recommended to already have a good experience on a classic EN-C before taking the plunge and going under a 2-line EN-C.

voile EN-C