Sellette Access 2 Bump Supair
Supair Access 2 Airbag Second hand

On-site flight - Progression Weight : 3,945 kg This school harness will accompany both the pil...

710,00 €

350,00 €

sellette Niviuk Makan occasion
Niviuk Makan Second hand

Beginner - Progression You never forget your first flights. Discover them with a versatile, light...

637,00 €

350,00 €

Sky Paragliders Gii 4 occasion rouge
Sky Paragliders Gii 4 second hand

Beginner - Progression Weight: 2.8 kg A harness with an integrated airbag, designed mainly for...

830,00 €

250,00 €

Sellette GII 5
Sky Paragliders GII 5 Second Hand

The GII 5 from Sky Paragliders is a new harness aimed at paragliding schools and pilots looking for...

830,00 €

620,00 €

sellette Woody Valley Exense Air Occasion
Woody Valley Exense Air Second hand

Flying on site | Beginner Weight: 3,5 kg Exense Air is a harness designed specifically for nov...

839,00 €

625,00 €

Second hand paragliding harnesses at the best price:

Take advantage of our regular stock clearance to buy your second-hand paragliding harness from our school park. These harnesses are available in various sizes and colours so that everyone can buy without breaking the bank. These beginner harnesses are perfect to complete a beginner's pack.

In the second hand paragliding harnesses section you will also find harnesses that we had in demo last season and that made a few flights with pilots who wanted to try them. In very good condition, these harnesses are now offered at a very attractive price.

Whether it's a second hand cocoon harness, a light harness or a reversible harness, we have the widest possible range of second hand harnesses. So keep an eye out for our clearance section as you may well find the nugget you've been looking for at a great price.