Which helmet to use for paragliding?

The helmet is an important element in paragliding. It is one of the few pieces of equipment that protect us in the event of an incident and particularly in the event of a collision. 

You can choose your helmet according to several criteria:

  • Comfort: you will wear your helmet for many hours during your flights, your preparation, etc...
  • The design: subjective criteria but which has its importance for everyone.
  • Size: having a helmet that fits is very important! A helmet that's too big won't protect you while a helmet that's too small is uncomfortable.

In addition, it is mandatory to wear a helmet approved for paragliding at paragliding school courses, paragliding baptisms, competitions and in case of prefectural obligations.

We let you discover the helmets available in the shop and make your choice according to your criteria.

Casque Icaro Nerv vert
Icaro Nerv Helmet

EN-966 approval Paragliding approved helmet - Made 100% in Italy

220,00 €

198,00 €

casque supair parapente
Supair Pilot Helmet

Paragliding certification (CE-EN 966) Weight: 380 g The Helmet PILOT is developed by SUPAIR fo...

125,00 €

106,25 €

Charly Vitesse Blanc
Charly Vitesse Helmet

The CHARLY Vitesse is an extremely lightweight paragliding Hike & Fly helmet that can be equipped wi...

158,00 €

134,30 €

casque School 2 Abs Supair
Supair School 2 Abs Helmet

Paragliding approved Weight : 550 g The School 2 Abs helmet is dedicated to paragliding school...

100,00 €

85,00 €

Visière pour casque Nerv Icaro
Icaro Visor for Nerv helmet

Replacement visor for Nerv helmet Supplied without fixing kit Made of polycarbonate, anti-scra...

30,00 €

27,00 €

visière casque charly vitesse
Charly Visor for Charly Vitesse helmet

Replacement visor for Vitesse helmet Supplied without fixing kit. Available Here >> Made o...

39,00 €

35,10 €

Kit de fixation casque Nerv Icaro
Icaro Nerv helmet mounting kit

Nerv visor and helmet mounting kit

10,00 €

9,00 €

kit fixation visière casque charly vitesse
Charly Charly Vitesse helmet mounting kit

Charly Vitesse helmet and visor and mounting kit

10,00 €

9,00 €

Why choose a helmet with a visor?

A helmet with a visor has the advantage of protecting you more effectively from the wind than simple sunglasses. In addition, the visor is retractable so that it can be raised at any time and it is generally interchangeable so that you can choose the category of protection you want. In the end, a helmet with a visor combines the helmet and the goggle in the same product. Simple and effective!

casque parapente homologué

Is a carbon helmet the lightest?

The lighter a helmet is, the easier it is to wear, especially on long flights. If you are going to cross country and fly for hours on end, it is better to choose a light paragliding helmet. But not all lightweight paragliding helmets are made of carbon. Only some top-of-the-range models, such as the Icaro Nero Carbon full-face helmet, are truly made of carbon fibre. This doesn't stop manufacturers from competing to put the word "carbon" on their model but it's more about the colour and the "carbon style" look as most helmets are made of polycarbonate. If in doubt just look at the price. A carbon helmet is usually much more expensive than a traditional polycarbonate paragliding helmet.

What is the standard of a paragliding helmet?

Each sport has its own pleasures but also its own constraints. This is why different standards have been set to meet the specific needs of each sport. In skiing, you have to be able to withstand an impact on a rock or ice and the penetration of a pole tip, in climbing and mountaineering you have to be able to withstand a vertical fall from a rock, and in paragliding you have to be able to withstand a return to the ground or an impact against a cliff. This is why a specific standard has been defined for paragliding: the CE EN966 standard.

Certified helmet for paragliding and skiing

Are you looking for a helmet that is approved for both paragliding and skiing? This is now possible. These are helmets with dual ski/paragliding approval that meet both the CE EN966 paragliding standard and the CE EN 1077 downhill skiing standard. With such a helmet you can ski or snowboard as well as paraglide or fly. This is the case with the Charly Loop or Charly Breeze VS helmets, for example. Attention: the Ce EN 1077 standard covers downhill skiing and snowboarding but not ski touring. This is why Neo has launched the first ever multi-sport helmet: the Haxagon helmet. This model with an outer shell in ABS and inner protection in EPS protects you in alpine skiing and snowboarding (CE EN 1077), paragliding and speedriding (CE EN 966), mountaineering (CE EN 12492) and ski touring (PCSR-001)

What about the full face helmet with chin strap?

Very popular with German and Swiss pilots, the full-face paragliding helmet offers superior protection for the chin and face thanks to a reinforced chin strap. Equipped with a visor, it offers total protection against wind and cold. On the other hand, it provides more protection from the sensation of relative wind and noise. As with all air sports helmets, the full face helmet is CE EN966 approved. It will be heavier than a standard paragliding helmet. For comparison the Icaro Nerohero Carbon weighs 790g in its carbon version with visor against 650g for the Nerv with visor and 380g for the Supair Pilot without visor.

casque intégral parapente

Accessories for your paragliding helmet:

To complete your paragliding helmet you will find various accessories such as visors and attachment kits from brands like Icaro and Charly as well as earpieces from Supair. By varying the colour of your visor you can adapt to all light conditions.

How to choose between the many brands of helmets such as Supair, Icaro, Ozone, Charly or Neo or Gin.

The first criterion to take into account when choosing your helmet is obviously your head size because it is crucial to choose the right size of helmet to fly comfortably. You should not have your head compressed in the helmet but it should not have an exaggerated degree of freedom either. You can then decide whether to choose a model with a visor or without, depending on your needs and habits. The lighter the helmet, the easier it will be to wear for longer periods of time during long flights.

Where to find and buy a paragliding helmet?

To buy your paragliding helmet you can either go to the Freedom Parapente shop and try on the different models available or you can order directly on the internet shop the model that suits you. In the latter case, don't hesitate to contact us by phone if you have any doubts. We will answer all your questions so that you can buy the helmet adapted to your morphology and your practice.

casque de parapente avec visière