Which helmet to use for paragliding?

Each sport has its own pleasure but also its own constraints. That is why different standards have been enacted to meet the specific constraints of each sport. In skiing, you have to resist to a shock on a rock or on the ice and to the penetration of a stick tip, in climbing and in mountaineering to a vertical rock fall, and in paragliding it is rather to a return to the ground or a shock against a cliff.

This is why a specific standard has been defined for paragliding: the CE EN966 standard.

Icaro Nerv

EN-966 approval Paragliding approved helmet - Made 100% in Italy

176,00 €

174,24 €

Supair Pilot

Paragliding certification (CE-EN 966) Weight: 380 g The PILOT helmet is specially developed by...

125,00 €

106,25 €

Icaro Visor for Nerv helmet

Replacement visor for Nerv helmet Supplied without fixing kit Made of polycarbonate, anti-scra...

37,00 €

36,63 €

Icaro Nerv helmet mounting kit

Nerv visor and helmet mounting kit

8,00 €

7,92 €

Ozone Casque Shield

Lightweight helmet, comfortable and suitable for all paragliding and paramotor flying practices. &n...

120,00 €

102,00 €

Charly Vitesse

The CHARLY Vitesse is an extremely lightweight paragliding Hike & Fly helmet that can be equippe...

158,00 €

134,30 €

Supair School 2 Abs

Paragliding approved Weight : 550 g The School 2 Abs helmet is dedicated to paragliding school...

100,00 €

85,00 €

The helmet is an important element

The helmet is an important element in paragliding. It is one of the few pieces of equipment that protect us in the event of an incident and particularly in the event of a collision. 

You can choose your helmet according to several criteria:

  • Comfort: you will wear your helmet for many hours during your flights, your preparation, etc...
  • The design: subjective criteria but which has its importance for everyone.
  • Size: having a helmet that fits is very important! A helmet that's too big won't protect you while a helmet that's too small is uncomfortable.

In addition, it is mandatory to wear a helmet approved for paragliding at paragliding school courses, paragliding baptisms, competitions and in case of prefectural obligations.

We let you discover the helmets available in the shop and make your choice according to your criteria.