sellette Supair altirando2
Supair Altirando lite 2

After the success of the ALTIRANDO LITE, the designers of the Supair team were faced with the challe...

1 150,00 €

977,50 €

sellette Wani Light 2 Woody Valley
Woody Valley Wani Light 2

Hike & Fly Weight: 3,2 kg Woody-Valley's best-selling harness! A very light harness for ra...

1 079,00 €

917,15 €

Reverse 5 Sky Paragliders
Sky Paragliders Reverse 5

Reversible harness - Hike and Fly Weight : 3,4 kg A new reversible EN/LTF approved harness tha...

1 170,00 €

994,50 €

Sellette Woody Valley Crest
Woody Valley Crest

The Crest is a new harness weighing only 1.98 kg (size M). It is a reversible harness with a complet...

989,00 €

840,65 €

sellette Niviuk Konvers 2
Niviuk Konvers 2

Beginner - Progression A harness designed for you, wherever you go. No matter how high you fly or...

980,00 €

833,00 €

Wani 3 Woody Valley
Woody Valley Wani 3

Flight on site | Hike & Fly Weight: 4,4 kg The perfect harness for cross-country flying: a...

1 189,00 €

1 010,65 €

Roamer 2 Niviuk
Niviuk Roamer 2

The new Roamer 2 is Niviuk's most versatile harness. This improved reversible harness and rucksack i...

570,00 €

484,50 €

What is a reversible paragliding harness?

A reversible harness is a combination of a rucksack and a harness in one. On the one hand there is a real harness with a board or leg straps that offers exactly the same seating and control as a conventional harness. On the other hand, you can turn it upside down and find a rucksack that can carry a glider and all the pilot's equipment.

Designed with high quality materials for walking and flying in mind, these rucksack-style harnesses offer impressive comfort with generously padded shoulder straps and excellent load distribution. Even with 15 kg on your back you can go up to the launch site or walk back from a cross country flight without shoulder pain.

They are also equipped with belly straps to spread the load over the hips and a chest belt to keep the bag firmly in place on the back and avoid unpleasant swings. Some models also have multiple pockets and a passage for the Camelbak hose.

The reversible harness: a perfect safety thanks to an airbag

Reversible harnesses offer the same level of safety as a traditional harness. They are usually equipped with a self-inflating airbag to protect the back and seat. The advantage of the airbag is that it deflates completely when switched to rucksack mode, so that it takes up a minimum amount of weight and space, freeing up space to store your glider, equipment and clothing.

This type of harness is also equipped with a compartment for the reserve parachute.

Reversible light harnesses designed for cross-country flying
For hikers and walkers, brands are innovating to make their reversible harnesses even lighter. The Altirando Lite from Supair is now under 3kg, while others such as the Wani Light 2 or the Konvers 2 are between 3 and 4kg.

The lightweight reversible harnesses are not intended to compete with the ultra-light hike and fly harnesses of the competition, but they do offer real protection thanks to their airbag.

A selection of top brands such as Niviuk, Woody Valley, Sky Paragliders and Supair

At Freedom Paragliding we have selected the most interesting reversible harnesses from some of the best known brands. All of these harnesses have been tested and validated by the team to ensure your complete satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on a particular model or simply to help you make your choice.