susi 4
Airdesign Susi 4

The Air Design SuSi 4 is certified from A to D and therefore covers all kinds of needs, pilot skills...

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Niviuk Roller 2
Niviuk Roller 2

Speed flying The Roller 2 is a mini wing with a very extensive speed range. Specially designed for...

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Flow paragliders Mullet
Flow paragliders Mullet

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Voile Mullet Flow Paragliders
Flow paragliders Mullet X

The Mullet X is a Mullet with more speed, more dive, more energy and more flare. Its shorter line...

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Speed Flying, speed riding: specific equipment for local mountain flying

Speed flying is the practice of flying down a mountain with a mini paraglider of small surface area, as fast as it is maneuverable. The limited surface area of these speed wings, and their high wing loading, mean that they are more maneuverable and faster than conventional gliders. With sail areas ranging from 13 to 20 m², take-off on foot is always impressive, as it requires a great deal of speed, as does flight at speeds of 40 to 60 km/h. With such a mini glider, you can enjoy a series of tricks, barrel rolls and even play in strong winds.

As for speed riding, it's all about following steep slopes while flying with skis on your feet in winter. The flight alternates between gliding and skiing on the snow, depending on the terrain. It's crucial to be an excellent paraglider pilot, but also a very good skier, as speed-riding canopies can be very fast, with the smallest canopies covering as little as 7 or 8 m².

Soaring with a mini-wing

But if mini-sails are formidable for descending mountains in record time after a hike, they are also very interesting in strong, laminar winds, because their small surface area means they can be used for soaring, whereas all conventional paragliders remain stowed away in their bag. All you need to do is choose a surface suited to your level and the strength of the wind you're aiming for. The choice of soaring spot and weather conditions is very important, so as to fly in the most laminar flow possible, just like on the famous Dune du Pilat.

What's the difference between a classic paraglider and a speed flying mini wing?

A speed flying or speed riding mini wing differs above all from a classic paraglider wing in its reduced surface area and much higher air speed. The sink rate is also much higher, as is maneuverability. The behavior of a mini wing is therefore markedly different from that of a conventional wing, and it is perfectly possible to familiarize yourself with its piloting during a specific course at a paragliding school.

How much does a mini wing cost?

The retail price of a mini sail can vary from around €2,000 to €3,500, but if you take advantage of a school's special rates, you'll be able to find something for between €1,500 and €3,000, depending on the mini you're looking for. At Freedom, we offer tried-and-tested models such as the Roller 2 from Niviuk or the Susi from Airdesign.

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