Niviuk Roller 2

Speed flying
The Roller 2 is a mini wing with a very extensive speed range. Specially designed for speed flying, it is stable, light, manoeuvrable and can be flown quickly and precisely at all times.

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Technical characteristics:

2 colours : Illusion (pink) and Belo (green)

Agile and easy to fly

Due to its weight (3 kg in size 14) and its reduced aspect ratio, the Roller 2 is a very agile and energetic glider. With dynamic handling and responsive manoeuvrability, total control is assured. It is fast and safe in turns.

Excellent performance

A wide speed range, thanks to the efficiency of the speed-bar and trimmers. High performance profile with little drag, so no speed restrictions. It remains solid at all times, especially at high speeds.

Safe manoeuvers

With total passive safety, the Roller 2 is very stable. Some of its technical specifications, such as the aspect ratio and number of cells, are based on its predecessor. Excellent performance thanks to little inertia and drag, with smoother and more precise reactions to inputs.

Stable and responsive

Reaction and precision in lateral turns, with a feeling of total control in the turn. Excellent stability over the entire speed range. Direct, precise and intuitive handling in flight: easy to predict and control.

Nitinol rods in the profile

The incorporation of Nitinol (TNT Tech) rods in the profile allows the wing to retain its shape without imperfections. The shape memory and the high elasticity of the material are used to ensure that the wing does not deform under any circumstances.