Supair Minimax 3


Weight : 2,9 kg

The new generation tandem passenger harness, dedicated to professionals. Robustness, comfort and pro flight efficiency.

595,00 € 700,00 €
Disponibilité : sur commande

Technical characteristics:

The Minimax 3 is the latest version of the Supair airbag passenger harness. Due to the materials used & its design, it is the top of the range harness & the workhorse designed for intensive tandem flying. Designed to fit perfectly with the Walibi 3 pilot harness, they form the top of the range tandem pack from Supair. Everything is designed to make the pilot's life easier, including the shape of the airbag and the size of the back pocket.

The airbag protection is designed for professional use: maximum passive safety for the passenger and a perfect match with the pilot's harness. User-friendliness is at the heart of the product design with the two-point closure system, assist handles, intuitive in-flight adjustments, as well as an obvious sit/stand transition and of course, a unique size to accommodate the vast majority of passengers.

A new multi-layered harness backrest design is used to provide increased comfort in flight, to best suit different body sizes. In the Minimax 3, weight optimisation has not been achieved at the expense of strength. The weight saving is due to the choice of materials and components made by the design team. An optional and removable anti-loss device is available to provide a third locking point for the passenger, if necessary (for increased safety).

sellette biplace passager minimax 3

Difference from Minimax 2:

  • New structure with 2 closing points: easier and faster
  • New stiffer backrest with better support for the passenger
  • New AIRBAG under the harness
  • The Minimax 3 is 300g lighter than the previous version

Difference to the VIP2 harness:

  • A seat with an integral tray
  • A more rigid backrest for more comfort
  • 2 buckles (the VIP2 has 3 buckles including the anti-forgetting one, i.e. 4 buckles to close)