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Sac Trek 2 Supair
Supair Trek 2 Backpack

Designed for hiking use with theUse solid materials, the TREK 2 is both durable and ergonomic.

180,00 €

153,00 €

Charly Poulies
Charly Mini guide roller

By the use of a high-strength aluminium alloy for the housing and special axles made from tempered s...

4,30 €

3,66 €

Kortel Risers light

Light 10mm "Y" risers. Material: Dyneema Weight: 55 g Breaking load: 2400 daN

47,00 €

42,30 €

Kortel Sak K27
Kortel K27 Bag

Developed in collaboration with Mathéo JACQUEMOUD, the Sak K27 is ideal for walking and flying for t...

175,00 €

157,50 €

Charly Mousqueton automatique UNILOCK
Charly UNILOCK paragliding carabiner

Ultralight, universal paragliding carabiner (pair) With a weight of only 45 g and a breaking load...

29,00 €

24,65 €

Manche à air Airdesign
Airdesign Windsock

The XL windsock fits best on any landing site. Easy to spot from the air! The size L is perfect for...

10,80 €

9,18 €

Maillon rapide Hike and Fly
Peguet Hike and fly belt screw connection

Screw lock link for lightweight harnesses. Peguet's HIKE & FLY SCREW LOCK LINK for lightweight ha...

21,90 €

18,62 €

kortel k 80
Kortel Extension Sak Kolibri 80l

An additional 20l extension to further increase storage capacity. With Sak kolibri 80L. (Sold...

20,00 €

18,00 €

kortel k40
Kortel Sak K40

This 40L sak has been thought and designed for mountain lovers. Ideal for your day trips, whatever t...

235,00 €

211,50 €

planchette carbone kolibri evo
Kortel Plateau carbone kolibri evo

If the feeling of the carbon ring of Kolibri EVO disturbs you, it is always possible to opt for the...

102,00 €

91,80 €

accelerateur ultra léger Airdesign
Airdesign Ultra light speedbar

Made with Dyneema 4 mm, two bars, delivered with small blockers to keep the speedbar in upper positi...

30,00 €

25,50 €

Mousqueton Airdesign Foras
Airdesign Carabiner foras

The Foras has been specifically designed for webbing connections (up to 25mm). Automatic swivel lock...

48,00 €

40,80 €