Flying during a sunset by paraglider

parapente coucher de soleil

Have you always wanted to fly a paraglider while the sun was setting, as you can see in photos or videos on the internet? Well, it's possible, whether it's a first flight in the Puy de Dôme, but also during your solo practice or during paragliding courses!

Is it possible to fly a paraglider during a sunset?

First of all, you need to know the regulations for paragliding, especially regarding the time of flight. Paragliding is a supervised free flight activity where it is not possible to fly where and when you want. The regulations prohibit flying more than 30 minutes after local and legal sunset time. The maximum flight time will depend on the geographical area where you are and of course on the season. On the same day, the sun will set earlier in Annecy than at the Dune du Pilat. You must therefore take this regulation into account depending on the site where you are flying; to land no later than 30 minutes after sunset.

Why fly when the sun goes down?

Flying during a sunset is truly a magical experience! The landscape is orange, the conditions are calmer than during the day and the feeling is one of total freedom, with beautiful restitutions to make a long flight while enjoying the magnificent landscape.
This is a very popular time for first flights but also for paragliders and their personal practice!

voler pendant un coucher de soleil parapente

What is the best season to fly during a sunset?

Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer, all seasons are magical for a sunset flight. In the Auvergne, late day flights in Summer and Spring often offer incredible conditions for long flights over a green landscape that turns orange as the sun sets. In Autumn, it's a colourful landscape and a "fiery" sky with pink, red and even purple clouds that will dazzle you. And in Winter, it's a snowy landscape that you'll have the chance to admire.

However, flying at the end of the day means a low sun and therefore a lower temperature; and even more so in the air! So make sure you are well covered up to make the most of the moment.

What is the best site in the Puy de Dôme for paragliding at sunset?

All sites are fabulous for flying when the sun is setting, but the Auvergne does offer some truly fabulous sites at dusk.

The Massif du Sancy and its wilderness sites with beautiful scenery are even more beautiful when the sun goes down. For all paragliders, it is compulsory to fly there at least once, especially at the end of the day. You should pay attention to the time of sunset because most of the sites in the Sancy are only accessible on foot. You will have to calculate the time of the hike, the preparation time but also the flight time to land in time.

The site of Saint-Sandoux is really the most emblematic site of the Puy de Dôme, the all-purpose site where it flies most often. And of course it offers very nice restits in the evening to fly in front of a sunset in front of the Puys chain.

The last site will inevitably be the Puy de Dôme, our emblem. In the evening, it offers magical conditions but above all an incredible orange landscape over the Puys chain and the Clermont-Ferrand area. Whether you are flying solo or taking a first flight at Puy de Dôme to discover paragliding, you will never regret flying at the end of the day in the last slot at Puy de Dôme!

coucher de soleil parapente

Now you know why paragliding at sunset is such an incredible experience. A different moment from the daytime flights which offer other advantages. So if you also want to discover this magic moment with us, it happens at the level of baptisms in Puy de Dôme or courses to learn paragliding.