Supair Airbag Radical 4

The Backpack airbag RADICAL 4 is a removable airbag module with an integrated rescue parachute pocket under the seat for on-demand safety.

416,50 € 490,00 €
Disponibilité : sur commande

Integration on the harness Radical 4 by zipper

Subcutaneous airbag with integrated parachute pocket

Roll top: variable volume (S and M: 62L max and L: 67L )

New ergonomic shoulder straps, like a trail waistcoat, with two carrying options: Carrying High without a belt (Backpack light) and classic carrying with a belt (Backpack heavy)

Accessorised braces compatible with Supair flanges

Removable chest bar to fit the user's body type

Integrated pole and ice axe holder

Multiple Pockets easily accessible

Integrated pocket for Flask