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Flow paragliders Mullet
Flow paragliders Mullet

3 150,00 €

2 992,50 €

Futur Flow Paragliders
Flow paragliders Future

Excellent roll stability, collapse resistance and pitch stability, making it a glider with outstandi...

3 400,00 €

2 890,00 €

Flow paragliders Freedom 2

Hybrid 3-2 line layout Efficient rear riser steering Advanced shark nose airfoil 4 ways spl...

4 650,00 €

3 952,50 €

Flow Paragliders is an Australian paragliding brand that offers a range of quality gliders from the Future, an easy to handle En-A glider designed for first flights, to the Fusion, a 2-line En-C glider designed to sparkle in cross country. Flow paragliders also offer the Aura rescue parachute, a semi-lightweight tapered model.