Airdesign Eazy 3

The Eazy 3 is the wing that gives you access to free flight, the birds’ realm, and makes you become a pilot. With its fine-tuned flying characteristics and handling, the Eazy 3 is the EN-A certified glider that you choose (need!) for your explorations, discoveries and adventures. 

Construction & Features:

– The increase of performance was mainly achieved by a slightly different arc, internal mini-ribs and a well-shaped shark-nose.

– The 20mm risers, as the color-coded lines, are easily accessible and immediately understandable.

– Cloths on top and bottom are made in strong Dokdo: robustness is the key.

Glider delivery with:

- Comfort Bag 130 L

- AirPack

- Goodies

- Repair Materials and AirDesign Stickers

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