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Charly Vitesse Blanc
Charly Vitesse Helmet

The CHARLY Vitesse is an extremely lightweight paragliding Hike & Fly helmet that can be equipped wi...

158,00 €

134,30 €

Charly Gants TOUCH KOMBI 2-en-1
Charly Gloves TOUCH KOMBI 2-in-1

The Charly TOUCH COMBI is a comfortably soft, breathable and pliant year-round paragliding glove, th...

69,90 €

59,42 €

Maillon largable
Charly Quick out carabiners

In emergency situations, fast disconnection without effort is possible. Four safety steps with the p...

78,50 €

66,73 €

Charly Mousqueton automatique UNILOCK
Charly UNILOCK paragliding carabiner

Ultralight, universal paragliding carabiner (pair) With a weight of only 45 g and a breaking load...

29,00 €

24,65 €

Charly Crocs fendus réglage rapide 2 mm
Charly Speed system hooks 2 mm

Adjustable speed system hooks. Finsterwalder‘s SPEED SYSTEM HOOKS have been developed especially...

3,00 €

Charly Poulies
Charly Mini guide roller

By the use of a high-strength aluminium alloy for the housing and special axles made from tempered s...

4,30 €

3,66 €

Gant Charly Windstopper Fleece
Charly Windstopper Fleece gloves

Spring -Summer air sports gloves, heatable with activated carbon heat packs Charly's WINDSTOPPER...

52,94 €

45,00 €

visière casque charly vitesse
Charly Visor for Charly Vitesse helmet

Replacement visor for Vitesse helmet Supplied without fixing kit. Available Here >> Made o...

39,00 €

35,10 €

kit fixation visière casque charly vitesse
Charly Charly Vitesse helmet mounting kit

Charly Vitesse helmet and visor and mounting kit

10,00 €

9,00 €

Charly System hooks 2 mm

System hooks. Finsterwalder‘s SYSTEM HOOKS have been developed especially for paragliding. They s...

3,00 €