Kortel Kruyer 3
Kortel Kruyer III

Hiking flight - High mountain Weight : 440 g The light and comfortable harness specially desig...

435,00 €

391,50 €

harnais ultra léger Niviuk Roamer P
Niviuk Roamer P

The Niviuk ultralight harness is ready to accompany you at all times thanks to its compact nature an...

330,00 €

280,50 €

Sky Paragliders Crux
Sky Paragliders Crux

Hike and fly Weight: 1.33 kg The Crux allows direct access and deployment of the harness in th...

699,00 €

594,15 €

airbag slip2
Airdesign Airbag le slip2

The Air design harness needed its own brief protector! Subcutaneous and lumbar protection. Compatibl...

150,00 €

127,50 €

niviuk roamer2p
Niviuk Roamer 2 P

Hike & Fly At just 189 g, the Roamer 2 P is Niviuk´s lightest and simplest harness. It is the best...

430,00 €

387,00 €

Find all the light harnesses designed for walkers and flyers who are looking for the lightest equipment possible. From the Altirando Lite reversible harness to the Supair Strike 2 lightweight cocoon harness and all types of string harnesses and paragliding harnesses, you are sure to find something to suit your needs.

Most of the string harnesses offered here are unprotected to be as light and sleek as possible. With models such as the Kortel Kruyer, Le Slip, Niviuk Roamer P or Supair Everest, your light harness will weigh only a few hundred grams. This is enough to get you seriously into mountain or even high mountain flying.

Some models can be equipped with an optional airbag module.

The switch to an ultra light string harness is not a trivial one. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and technical advice to make sure you make the right choice.

sellette light string