Niviuk Kode P

Ultralight with a double-surface
Combination of materials and internal structure to guarantee the optimum balance between lightness and durability. 
Handling to suit you
Pleasant and more intuitive handling in the sizes 22, 24 & 26. Because of its size and loading, the smaller ones (16, 18 & 20) are more dynamic with a plus in speed, but the changes developed on the front view make them very stable and maintain the easy flying characteristics of larger sizes. 
Essence of touring
Its versatility will allow you to undertake a multitude of adventures. The wing permits you to fly in thermals and strong winds without having to compromise on safety and comfort. In addition, its lightness and ease of take off on all types of terrain will add to your hike & fly adventures.


- Easy to launch and land in any conditions.
- The Kode P provides balanced feedback which instantly confers confidence in the wing.
- A wing that is very easy to fly, all sizes have been certified as EN/LTF A (except for size 16 which is EN/LTF B).
- Gentle stall.

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