Dudek Techno 2023

The Techno 2023 is our latest ultralight cocoon weighing just 1.96kg. It's perfect for specialist cross-country pilots who want lightweight, compressible equipment that performs well in flight. 

It is highly compressible and has been developed for cross-country flying. Its aileron will give you stability when yawing.

This harness is equipped with a hammock frame for comfort and precise piloting. This also makes the harness lighter and less bulky. For your safety, it is fitted with an approved 15cm compressible foam bag, which is removable if you need more space (for a bivouac flight, for example).

The Techno 2023's reserve is ventral to save space when folded into the bag. This also means you can always keep an eye on the ruffles, as this harness will be compressed and folded into a bag after each of your various flights. What's more, it has a large cockpit to hold all your flight instruments.

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