What outfit for a paragliding flight?

Tenue pour un vol en parapente

Whether it is for a first tandem flight or a solo flight, it is important to dress well for your comfort and safety. The objective is to enjoy the flight to the fullest and not regret not having taken a jacket and a pair of gloves as well!

Always adapt your clothing to the weather, taking into account the altitude

It is important to check the weather before flying so that you can adapt your outfit to the weather and the season, but always remember to be comfortable and in good flying conditions!
The weather on the plains is never the same as at the top of a take-off site, and even less so in the air. On average, you lose 1°C in the air every 100 metres, so the difference in temperature can be felt very quickly!

Between October and April/May, you should know that it is generally quite cool in the air (depending on the weather and altitude of course). You should therefore cover yourself well to enjoy your flight and not want to end it because of the cold.

It can never be said enough, but it is better to have one more layer than one less. Because, as we said, the temperature in the air is lower than on the ground but also that the wind (weather wind or relative wind created by the movement of the glider) refreshes you and makes you cold.

Bien s'habiller en parapente

Here is a list of all the essentials for paragliding and not to forget anything:

  • Warm socks: For those days when it's cold, remember to wear a good pair of socks, as it's often cold feet and extremities in the air with the wind often blowing through.
  • Gloves: As with the feet, the hands are also a very sensitive part of the body to the cold. In the air, you will be flying or holding on to the straps and the wind will often freeze your hands. A pair of gloves is therefore often very welcome when flying. Thick, windproof gloves are best for winter or cold days. For paragliders, there are even heated gloves.
  • A t-shirt: above 25°C at take-off, a t-shirt may be sufficient in the air if you are not very cold
  • A small fleece: this is essential for paragliding: in summer it is never too much in the air, even when it is quite warm, and it is compulsory in winter under your down jacket
  • A down jacket: Except in summer when it's hot, a down jacket is as essential for paragliding as your glider, otherwise you'll freeze to death in the air (yes, definitely). The warmer the better.
  • A windproof jacket: In addition to or instead of the down jacket, depending on the season, a windproof jacket or Gore-Tex jacket can be appreciated when paragliding to protect against the weather or relative wind which can quickly make you cold in the air as mentioned above. 
  • Shorts or trousers: Depending on the weather and the season, you can opt for shorts or trousers but always be comfortable to fly in.
  • Sports shoes (trainers) or walking shoes: Shoes are also an important part of the outfit for paragliding. It is often the case that people arrive at the summit wearing sandals, ballet flats or other shoes that are not necessarily suitable for the sport. Take-offs and landings can be a bit hectic and require you to walk and stand well on your legs. Therefore, prefer sports shoes or walking shoes that support your feet and ankles well, whether for a tandem flight or for your personal practice.
  • Sunglasses: to protect yourself from the sun but also from any insects, projectiles, dust and even wind that might bother you during the flight.
  • Sunscreen: If you spend the day walking and flying, sunscreen will be necessary, especially as you get closer to the sun at altitude!
Vêtement parapente

If you are just coming for a first flight, whatever you find in your wardrobe will be enough to be comfortable in flight.

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