The world paragliding distance record will be broken on Saturday 19 June 2021 by Sébastien Kayrouz with 612 km!

record parapente Texas

For the first time, a paraglider has reached the 600 km mark in straight flight in Texas, last staurday (19th June) !

North American Sebastien Kayrouz far surpasses the previous record of 582km set in October 2019 by Brazilian trio Rafael Saladini, Marcelo Prieto and Rafael de Moraes in Brazil. He also breaks his own North American free distance record from 7 June 2020; just over a year later.

To set the record, Sebastien Kayrouz took off from a winch near the town of Del Rio and Bracketville, just a few miles from the Mexican border, and landed after nearly 11 hours of flight and 612km not far from Amarillo, Texas. An incredible flight in his Ozone Enzo 3 with an average speed of about 60 km/h and altitudes between 1000 and 2000 m!

Winching is a take-off technique that allows you to take off in places with little difference in height and allows you to take off in more complicated weather conditions. We have tested the winch in the Vienne if you want to find out more about this technique.

record parapente

Texas once again proves its incredible flying conditions and is awarded this crazy record that will go down in paragliding history!

The record is not yet validated and recognized. We are waiting for the FAI to validate this flight but that will not prevent Sebastien Kayrouz from being the first to break this symbolic barrier.

record du monde parapente

To compare this performance, it's as if we start from the Puy de Dôme and arrive in Antwerp in Belgium, almost at the Dutch border!


Congratulations Sébastien Kayrouz for this extraordinary flight and this record!


Read the details of his flight here