7 best paragliding sites in France

Meilleur site parapente France

You want to discover the most beautiful paragliding sites in France to change your usual flying sites? Freedom has selected the 8 best paragliding sites in France! You will find all the information about these sites spread all over France: in the mountains as well as on the ocean shore. Let's go !

Annecy paragliding site

Site parapente en France Annecy

Probably the most famous paragliding site in France but also very famous in the paragliding world. Its beautiful lake, its magnificent natural environment, its large artificial decos and its incredible aerological conditions surely make the fame of this paragliding site.

Whether it is for paragliding or hang gliding, for those who prefer to fly on site, for those who prefer to do acro, cross country, for those who want to do first flights, ... the paragliding site of Annecy is accessible and perfect for all practices.

But when you say important paragliding site, you also say very important frequentation. The frequentation of the site in the summer periods on the 2 biggest decos (Planfait and Col de la Forclaz) is still very important. But you will find other less frequented sites around Annecy.

For those who want more information on this site, you will find a more detailed article on the Annecy paragliding site.

Dune du Pilat paragliding site

Site parapente Dune du Pilat

Located in the Bay of Arcachon, the Dune du Pilat is a very famous paragliding site in France. A sand barrier of more than 3km in length and 110 metres in height, it is the largest Dune in Europe!

Appreciated for its calm conditions and perfect for soaring, the Dune du Pilat also offers a magnificent view of the Bassin d'Arcachon, almost feet in the water. A pleasant environment in any season but with its disadvantages: the wear and tear of the sail with the water and the sand as well as the high number of visitors during the summer period.

For non-parapentists, you can even try paragliding at the Dune du Pilat with certain paragliding structures.

Millau paragliding site

Meilleur site parapente Millau France

Massif de la Chartreuse - Saint-Hilaire paragliding site

The Massif de la Chartreuse, with its site of Saint-Hilaire, is one of the most famous massifs for paragliding in France. First of all because it is the place where the Coupe Icare, the biggest free flight event in the world, takes place. But above all because of its incredible spots, landscapes and conditions!

Thanks to the Coupe Icare, Saint-Hilaire is one of the most famous paragliding sites in France and in the world. It is a site that combines an exceptional environment for paragliding:

  • 3 take-offs, one of which is carpeted
  • A large landing area for safe landing
  • Ideal conditions all year round for all levels and all types of flying (beginners, cross country, cross country, first flights, etc.)
  • A funicular for the rotations

If you want to discover a new top location for paragliding and you don't know Saint-Hilaire, you can go there with your eyes closed!

Paragliding site in Normandie

Meilleur site de parapente en France en Normandie

Normandy is famous for its plains and cliffs. It has two maritime façades, on the edge of the Channel, 603km long. It offers ideal paragliding sites for magnificent flights along the beaches but also very famous historical places: the landing beaches or the Mont-Saint Michel.

For quiet and historic flights Normandy is a great place for paragliding in France.

Chamonix paragliding site

A great place for mountain sports, Chamonix is also a place where you can practice paragliding. In the heart of the Mont Blanc Massif, this site offers an extraordinary view of many beautiful sites between snow, sun and greenery.

PlanPraz is the most famous site in Chamonix. Facing the Mont-Blanc, you can make some nice flights, 1000 meters above the Chamonix valley. It's a site that quickly becomes thermal during the day and requires some experience and technique.

And like all the major paragliding sites in France, you will find structures to help you discover paragliding in a tandem flight for non-practitioners who wish to discover the sensations of paragliding.

In conclusion, this is not the main paragliding site in France, nor the one that offers the most facilities, but it is a truly magnificent site for the scenery facing Mont Blanc!

Puy de Dôme paragliding site

Site parapente Puy de Dôme France

Without a doubt, the best paragliding site in France for the end: our famous Puy de Dôme. And it's not at all because we're chauvinists. It's part of the Puys chain, a UNESCO world heritage site, which is a testament to the incredible landscape you can admire from the sky. It is above all a site where you can take off from any direction! And that's a big advantage in paragliding. If the weather is good and the wind is not too strong, you can fly to the top.

And this site is perfect for all types of practice:

  • Hiking flight with ascent to the summit by the muleteers' path or the goats' path
  • Flight on site with climb by the Panoramique des Dômes
  • Small quiet flights for beginners
  • Flights with rests for pilots in progress
  • Cross country with some very nice flights and a record of 196,6km in July 2020 by Philippe Chautard
  • Tandem flights (the best instructors are at Freedom)
  • Paragliding courses for all those who want to learn paragliding or progress. At Freedom, we will welcome you in a magnificent setting at the foot of the Puy de Dôme. It is very common to go and fly in the Puy de Dôme during these weeks, whether it is for beginners or for others.

In short, at Puy de Dôme there is something for everyone!

We have made a tour of the 7 best paragliding sites in France. And maybe we'll find ourselves at the take-off of one of these spots one day!

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