Why not try paragliding on skis?

Parapente ski

The snow is back and you hesitate between skiing and paragliding? What if for once you tried to combine the two?

We thought that spring had finally arrived, but the new snowfalls invite us to get out the ski equipment ;-)

And why not try paragliding on skis?

It must be said that the winter anticyclonic conditions are often conducive to beautiful paragliding flights which all too often end in plunges, of course, but which also allow to fly over incredible landscapes. You just need to find a gentle enough slope to learn how to take off on skis and a flat snowy landing area to land gently without getting a mole in your spatula.

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Ski parapente

What equipment do I need to start skiing with a paraglider?

To discover this sport, all you need is a paraglider and a pair of skis. Of course, unless your name is Jb Chandelier, you should avoid taking off on the ski slopes directly from the gondola and opt either for the areas of the ski resorts dedicated to speed riding or for the off-piste sectors. If you are interested in off-piste skiing, you will only need touring skis and a pair of ski touring boots to reach the highest peaks. All you have to do is carry your wing to the take-off zone with the strength of your thighs. For the outfit, equip yourself as for ski touring with a Gore Tex jacket, gloves, goggles, helmet and avalanche transceiver. If you are attracted by the high mountain you can add all the equipment for progression on glacier like a spit, crampons, harness, equipment of reeving... To you the Aiguille du Midi and why not the Mont Blanc?

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Paragliding on skis

How do you take off in paragliding on skis?

Ski paragliding take-off is easier than on foot because you just have to get into the slope to gain speed and see the wing rise quickly over your head. Of course you have to brake at the right moment. On the other hand, unlike a take-off run on a school slope, it is hardly possible to re-centre yourself with the skis as you would with a chassé step on the grass. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to the pre-flight and the wind direction to avoid the wing going up sideways, off-centre.

parapente en ski

How to land a paragliding ski ?

As we said in the introduction, the best way is to land on snow, because on grass, the skis will have a tendency to stick you in place, whereas on snow, they glide on their own. Apply yourself on the flare, spot the katabatic breeze on your approach which can be very different from the valley breeze or the weather wind of the day and land gently. Afterwards, if you can't avoid the grass, then get on the back of the skis and hang on, avoiding the molehills!

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