Test of the Niviuk Skin 3 P glider

Voile parapente skin 3 p

Freedom Parapente has tested the Niviuk Skin 3 P Light Series glider for you.

This is the Niviuk Skin 3 P Light Series 16m2! Approved in B.

The new Niviuk’s skin takes the single surface concept one step further:

  • It has the same excellent inflation and handling as the Skin 2.
  • A flying comfort that will make you feel like you are under a standard paraglider.
  • An efficient turn that doesn't dive.
  • No more small pitch movements that could surprise on the previous one (improved stability).
  • Playful when you ask for it, and safe all the way down, with a slightly improved flare.
  • With this 1.6kg wing (size 16), very compressible thanks to its Nitinol leading edge, we really get back to basics, and the flight becomes accessible to most people.

Finally, this glider is a perfect balance between lightness and performance!

This glider is available in the shop at Freedom Parapente.

Try it as soon as the confinement is over!